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What is this? You Came From The Stars has spoiler stills ahead of its broadcast this week? Is this a reaction to its upcoming face-off against Age of Feeling, which has the potential to unseat the SBS show from the top spot? So, speaking of face-off, it’s Alien vs. Psycho in episode 9 of You Came From The Stars. Jae Kyung confronts Min Joon, who has successfully thwarted his murderous attempts at Song Yi’s life. According to the preview that features the following scene, Jae Kyung seems to make no pretense of knowing Min Joon has the flash drive that could implicate him in Yoo Ra’s death, asking him if he has it. How will Min Joon answer? How will he react? Might I suggest dropping psycho in the middle of the ocean?
that was the scene!!!!
too much drama, just a little time , for me.
I think this weekend will be busy full of dramas