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How to Repair SQL Database- A Detailed Guide

MS SQL Server is widely used as one of the relational databases containing a sophisticated internal structure and is highly reliable. To save the essential data, most of the organizations use the SQL database. But sometimes SQL database resulting in database corruption in SQL server due to virus infections, malfunctioning of the operating system, corrupted file system, etc. This is because the MDF file gets corrupted and there is a need to repair MDF files.

Therefore this blog focuses on ‘how to repair SQL Database’ by explaining various methods.

Reasons for Database Corruption in SQL Server-

In a SQL Server server, there may be various possible explanations for corruption. As everyone knows, the main server files are the MDF files of SQL database. They store all user data but corruption in MDF files can corrupt the entire database. Therefore, we will discuss all the possible reasons for corruption in MDF files

1. If a client has stored the SQL database in a compressed folder it is likely to overwrite the MDF file.
2. Any data may have been accidentally deleted by a user.
3. Corruption of all MDF files in storage media.
4. Any modifications or improvements will be made to a SQL Server account. If the SQL database is in use and there is a network error between them, this leads to MDF file corruption.
5. Virus attacks, hard disk failure, irregular machine shutdown, and sudden power failure are other possible reasons that cause MDF file corruption.
6. If the header of the file is corrupted, it will result in MDF file corruption.
7. Disc drivers defected.
These are the reasons for creating MDF file corruption. Now, let's move ahead to know manual techniques.

How to recover data from corrupted SQL Server Database via Manual Techniques?

There are usually two cases where you can use this approach to fix the master database file of SQL Server. Let's continue!
Method 1: Solve SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending Mode
The server undergoes the condition of Recovery Pending when a resource-related issue occurs during recovery. In this case, there is no fraud or harm to the SQL Server database. Nonetheless, it is unavailable due to some folder or machine resources failure.

You need to detach the existing database and reattach it using T-SQL query to fix Recovery Pending status in SQL Server. Go through this article once to get this process in depth.
Method 2: Repair SQL Database Marked as Suspect or Corrupted
The suspect mode can cause damage or corruption to the primary filegroup. That is why the SQL database is not usable. You need to use the DBCC Check command to restore Suspect database. Here we have defined a general procedure that works successfully to repair SQL Server Suspect Mode Error server. This process is divided into several steps. So, let's continue!!

Phase 1: Enable SUSPECT Database to Emergency Mode
This mode allows only read-only access of the system administrator to the database In fact, only members of the sysadmin will set the EMERGENCY State. Run the following query on the panel to make the database in EMERGENCY mode:


Phase 2: Verify Damage Level
DBCC CHECKDB (DB Name) request need be run and the errors should be analyzed as:

DBCC CHECKDB (Database_Name)

Phase 3: Repair Command Execution
There are three repair modes available with DBCC CHECKDB that can be used to restore the database from EMERGENCY mode to functional mode:
The syntax of backward compatibility can be retained. This means that in SQL Server 2008, you can run the SQL Server 2005 database folder. There are no strong maintenance acts. If you want to solve the problem of backward compatibility, make sure that the server is in SINGLE USER mode rather than EMERGENCY status.

Use the following methods to make the database in SINGLE USER MODE:
Method 1: By GUI Approach
1. Choose the database and make a right-click on it.
2. Go and hit on Options.
3. Visit the Restrict Access option and go to the drop-down button. Then, choose the SINGLE_USER option >> OK button.

Method 2: By T-SQL Query
You can also use T-SQL to switch the mode of the database to SINGLE USER. To do this, execute the SSMS query below.

After setting up the Single USER Mode database, execute the query below to repair the SQL Server database.

This repair command is preferred for the SQL database because the risk of data loss is much lower. Ideally, REPAIR FAST performs all the repair procedures. It also performs some time-consuming repairs, including the reconstruction of indexes. To use this, execute the query below.

Notice: Database in SINGLE_USER Mode.


Method 3: Setting Database to MULTI_USER Mode

Use the following query and change the database mode into multi-user mode once the database is repaired successfully:


All these are the manual approaches to repair SQL database. But there may be some chance to data loss and other data may be corrupted. So, it is better to use a third-party utility to directly repair MDF files. Use SQL Database Recovery software to perform MDF recovery that can result in repairing SQL Database.

Final Verdict

This blog explained various manual methods repair SQL database that can resolve database corruption in the SQL server. But there are many drawbacks with manual ways so to handle this an expert solution has been provided.

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Fixed SQLite Encryption Error- File is encrypted or is not a database, how to solve it?
In today’s world, SQLite plays an important role and becomes a popular choice for local / client storage in application software such as web browsers as embedded database software. There may be chances where users encounter with “Fixed SQLite encryption Error – file is encrypted or is not a database”. So, in this blog, we will be focusing on SQLite, and how to resolve this error. What exactly is the SQLite? A software library is SQLite that provides a framework for the management of dependent databases. The key features of SQLite are self-contained, zero-configuration and transactional. SQLite source code exits in the public domain and is free of charge for private and commercial purposes. Multitasking is essential in nature for reading and writing SQL syntax. In contrast, unlike most other SQL servers, it does not have a separate server system. SQLite also has the ability to directly read and write to ordinary disk files. SQLiteDatabase has methods for creating, removing, executing SQL commands and performing other common tasks for managing databases. Most of the SQLite source code is for testing and verification purposes only. SQLite is not a database client-server system as it is integrated with the end system. Now, move further to know the reason for this error. Reasons for Fixed SQLite Encryption Error- There are two main reasons for “file is encrypted or is not a database error” occurs as given below: 1. The data file may not be secured by a password. SQLite is a relational database of at least one table and one file. Therefore, the error occurs when you have produced a file as a new file out of the table. 2. Approach is valid completely, but it creates a database as version 2. Let us move ahead to solve this issue. Approach is valid completely, but it creates a database as version 2. Let us move ahead to solve this issue. How to solve Fixed SQLite Encryption Error? To fix this issue, some steps are as follows: 1. Download and Install SQLite3: >>sudo apt-get update >>sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev 2. Once the documents have been installed, identify errors while describing the database in etc/turnserver.conf: Userdb=/etc/turnuserdb.conf Should be changed to: Userdb=/var/lib/turn/turndb PS: Some major parts of turnuserdb.conf have been given if you need: # You can listen ports 80 and 443 instead of 3478/5349 listening-port=3478 alt-listening-port=0 tls-listening-port=5349 alt-tls-listening-port=0 listening-ip=YourPublicIPv4 relay-ip=YourPublicIPv4 external-ip=YourPublicIPv4 #realm=yourdomain.com #server-name=yourdomain.com #It-cred-mech #userdb=/etc/turnuserdb.conf oauth User=youruser:yourpassword #use real-valid certificate/privatekey files #cert=/etc/ssl/certificate.pem #pkey=/etc/ssl/private.key no-stdout-log count YourPublicIPv4(x.x.x.) and youruser:your password. So these are the steps to solve the “File is encrypted or is not a database error” message. Go to these steps manually if the problem still persists then you can opt for a direct solution. The direct solution includes “SQLite Data Recovery Software” to solve all issues related to the SQLite database. This utility quickly solves the issue and also recovers data if deleted. Read Also- How to resolve SQLite Error Code 5 “Database is Locked”? Conclusion We have mentioned, all about the SQLite database first, then focused on the reasons causing this error. Also, we have provided a manual and a direct method to make Fixed SQLite Encryption error in this blog.
73% of cyber attacks occur on Microsoft Office products
Microsoft Office products were the most commonly exploited by cybercriminals around the world and nearly 73 percent of cyber exploits were performed in MS Office products in the third quarter of this year, a new report has said. According to information gathered by PreciseSecurity.com, other exploited applications by cybercriminals included browsers and operating systems, among others. “Data shows that exactly 72.85 percent of cyber exploits were performed in MS Office products as of the third quarter of this year,” Marco Mathew from the computer security website said in a statement on Wednesday. MS Office products were followed by Browsers with 13.47 percent of the total number of exploits by cybercriminals, Android with 9.09 percent, Java with 2.36 percent, Adobe Flash with 1.57 percent and PDF with 0.66 percent. Some of the most common vulnerabilities in MS office.com/setup were related to stack overflow errors in the Equation Editor application. Other vulnerabilities were CVE-2017-8570, CVE-2017-8759, and CVE-2017-0199, among others. Another important vulnerability was related to a zero-day issue CVE-2019-1367 that produced memory corruption and allowed remote code execution on the target system, the report mentioned. The top five countries that are sources of web-based attacks include the US with 79.16 percent of the market share, followed by the Netherlands with 15.58 percent, Germany with 2.35 percent, France with 1.85 percent and Russia 1.05 percent. In computer security, an exploit makes reference to individuals such as hackers or criminals that make use and take advantage of a bug or vulnerability in a specific software or computer program.
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Features You Need In A POS Software For Cellphone Repair Shops In Wollongong
Your simple hunt of a POS software for repair shops in Wollongong can turn out to be an overwhelming adventure, if you don’t know what you are actually looking for. There are so many options available online and each one has its own set of features. You need to carefully design the patron of your desired features and then buy the POS system according to your needs. There are two types of features you need to search in a repair shop software in Wollongong: § The essentials/basics § The extras Essentials are the set of features that your repair business needs for its normal day-to-day operation. These include easy repair ticketing and invoicing, digital inventory record, cash register automation, etc. Then there is a range of extra modules and features available in a repair shop POS software in Wollongong that are optional. They are not crucial for your business operation but they will definitely affect your business growth. The extra features will make your POS an end-to-end solution for your repair business. If you want to keep running a repair business in Wollongong’s retail race, you are good to go with the basic features. But if you want to win the competition, you better pack all the extras in your POS solution. Let’s walk you through the essential and extra features you need to look in the point of sale and inventory management modules of a POS software for repair shops in Wollongong: Point of Sale The POS part is related to all the processes happening at the checkout counter of your repair store. It must include all of these: Quick Repair Booking Your employee at the checkout counter needs a smart POS display. He can book repair ticket for a customer by doing all – add all the repair details, select the matching repair part from the inventory, assign the repair job to a technician, add diagnostic and internal notes, add any special discount – with simple clicks on the POS screen. Invoicing The repair ticket can be used to create an invoice for the customer repair with a repair shop POS software in Wollongong. Or the employee can create an on-the-go invoice for the customer’s mobile part or accessory item purchase. Easy Payments Once the invoicing is done, the employee needs to add customer payment. A smart POS will have multiple payment options such as cash, credit card, cheque, loyalty, store credit, gift card, and split payment. Customer Facing Display The checkout process can be made more transparent to the customer, if your repair shop POS software in Wollongong lets you have a customer-facing display. You can turn the display on a separate tablet and fix it at a customer faced place. This way the customer can see everything you are doing on the POS screen, verify all the information while it is being filled, add his signatures, etc. Refunds and Warranty Claims Once the customer purchase is complete and the system has saved all the purchase record, a customer can claim for a refund or a warranty issue on his cellphone repair. Your employer will need respective settings on the POS screen to entertain customer’s refund and warranty requests. Expenses Your repair store in Wollongong must be running on some monthly expenses like electricity bills. Similarly, there can be an unseen daily expense during a shift. So your employee will need to add the details of expense on the POS display. Trade-in A repair store also offers customer trade-in of cellphones and other devices. An employee will need a trade-in feature in the POS system to earn more customer business. Inventory Management Your repair store runs on an inventory, whether it has a total of 10 items or 1000. Inventory management is a basic feature you need in a cellphone repair shop POS software in Wollongong. There are a couple of extra things that the POS system can offer for you to take inventory management to the next level. Bulk Import Adding all the inventory information item-by-item can be time and effort consuming for your employees. You need a repair shop POS software in Wollongong that lets them add bulk of inventory items by importing sheets and documents. Detailed Record There must be enough columns and variants to store detailed information about each and every inventory item. Purchase Orders The POS solution should have the feature of letting you place purchase orders for low stock inventory. Return Merchandise A feature to file a return order for the faulty inventory items. The RMA will be documented against the supplier that you purchased those inventory items from. Inventory Refurbishment You may need refurbishment of trade-in or store’s inventory. So you need a cellphone repair shop POS software in Wollongong that gives you the option of refurbishment documentation. Inventory Transfer For multi-store cellphone repair businesses, the POS solution needs to integrate the inventory transfer feature between stores. Stock Count Your repair store employees are responsible for regular inventory counts. They need to physically count all the items available in the stock. Your repair shop POS software should have a feature that can help your employee in documenting all the physical stock count, run a comparison with the system’s record, add necessary notes for your analysis. Discounts You can also add a customized percentage or dollar discounts on individual inventory items. Get the Best Repair Shop POS Software in Wollongong Just like POS and inventory management modules, there are detailed lists of essential and extra features for employee management, customer management, reporting, and marketing. You need to consider them all in a cellphone repair shop POS software to run a successful repair business in Wollongong. Don’t compromise on any of the features and abilities. Choose the best POS solution for your repair business that not only streamlines your business operations, but also plays a role in its growth. Sign up cellphone repair shop POS software in Wollongongnow and enjoy all these basic and extra features.
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In this post, I am sharing the Download Link of 8 Ball Pool Hack (Anti Ban) in which you can get a Long Line of Sighting for More Accurate Aim. What is 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk? 8 Ball Pool is the World’s #1 Multiplayer Pool Game Online for Android & iOS. Play 8 Ball Pool against other players & friends in 1 on 1 matches, enter tournaments to win huge. Features of 8 Ball Pool: – Compete for 1 on 1 or In 8 Player Tournaments Improve your skills in the practice arena, take on the world in 1 vs 1 matches, or join tournaments to win cues & trophies. Play for Pool Coins & Items Customize your table & Cue or to buy new items in the Pool Shop. Challenge Your Friends Sign in with Miniclip or Facebook Account & you will be able to challenge your friends in the game. Challenge friends anytime & show off your skills. Level Up 8 Ball Pool level system intends you are continuously facing a challenge. Play matches to increase your ranking & get access to more restrictive match locations, where you play toward only the Pro Pool players. 8 Ball Pool MOD Apk Features: – 1- Unlimited Coins/Cash/Money 2- A long line of sighting (Long trajectory) 3- Endless Guideline 4- All Tables Open 5- Level 100 Temporary 6- Anti-Ban (Anti Cheat) NOTE- Report Might Ban You Download 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Latest Version 2020 App Name8 Ball Pool APKSize60 MBVersionv4.8.5Android Support4.1 or above last Updated1 April 2020Offered By Miniclip.com Price FREE How to Install 8 Ball Pool MOD Apk on Android? 1- Uninstall PlayStore Version of 8 Ball Pool App if you have already installed it on your phone. (Important) 2- Open Settings, Go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources. 3- Download 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk from the above link. 4- Then Click on 8 Ball Pool Apk File & Install it. (Click on ‘Allow from this source’ if asked) 5- Open the 8 Ball Pool App 6- Login with Google Play, Miniclip ID, Facebook, or Play as Guest. Enjoy Long Lines 🙂 The 8 ball pool is a mobile game played by many individuals. It's online billiard gaan me with additional functions. For you to keep on playing the game, an ample amount of online cash and coins must be obtained. Playing the game will give you the chance to make the online cash. One pool cash will be integrated into your account after finishing one level. Your earnings will rely on the device you utilize, which is approximately 25 coins every 30 minutes to one hour. Coins are also provided to players who clicked on ads. With a lot of things you need to accomplish that needs pool cash and coins, you might not be able to continue at the rate you are getting the free cash and coins. This will put your game progress on hold for quite a while. Nevertheless, by using the 8 ball pool hack, you can acquire the resources you require for the game without waiting too long. This hack will give you access to unlimited coins and cash needed to play 8 ball pool game levels. Just make sure that the hack you are getting is from trusted sources like Facebrute to ensure effectiveness. The 8 ball pool hack is multi-purposed because apart from getting access to any sources required, it also keeps your account properly protected. For your account not to be discovered, it is needed for a hack tool to possess proxy script. Updates are made by the designers of the game for the system to be protected. Due to this, it is critical to make sure your hack is always updated for it to remain effective. The 8 ball pool hack is suitable for any operating system. When you make use of a reliable generator like Facebrute, then anticipate to have a virus-free gadget. The 8 ball pool hack can be used by first-timers effortlessly because of its user-friendly interface. By simply clicking the Hack Button and waiting for it to initialize, you will now gain access to utilize the hack tool. Once the initialization is completed, you will be requested to enter your email or username, and the resources you want to get. Switch on your hack and start playing the game. Through the 8 ball pool hack, you get bigger probabilities of winning the game. 8 Ball Pool Online Hack and Cheats 8 Ball Pool Hack will let you buy all items for free. Below you will see all the cheats needed to hack 8 Ball Pool These Cheats for 8 Ball Pool work on all iOS and Android devices. You will also not need a jailbreak or rooted phone. Using our website you no longer need to download a hack tool, so it is safer. If you don’t know how to use the hack for 8 Ball Pool you will see instructions below. Anti-Ban Protection: Yes Undetectable Script: Yes Tested and works perfectly. 8 Ball Pool Online Hack Features: Add Unlimited Cash. Add Unlimited Coins. Visit Here: https://www.labshab.com/8-ball-pool-ios-working-tricks/
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