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Illusionary Interior, Logomo Cafe

Take a seat in Logomo Cafe and experience a surreal surrounding. Logomo Cafe in Turku Finland features black and white criss-crossing lines with a single, popping orange streak that runs through its center. The pattern runs from the floor, to the tables, all the way up to the walls creating a visually disorienting environment. This illusionary design is the work of German artist, Tobias Rehberge, who tried to create a different space to relax in. I'm not quite sure if I would feel relaxed with all these chaotic stripes around me... but I'd have to agree that the design is very visually stunning.
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@cheerfulcallie lol i know .. its very chaotic i personally prefer those dim lit cafes haha
wow....pretty cool but its giving me veritgo, lolz...all those criss cross lines...
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