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HAHAHHA this was probably my favourite scene from Cinderella Story and I totally have the same reaction to people who ruin your perfect food moment. Drink water lady. WATER!!~
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have you seen how to lose a guy in 10 days? or likr failure to launch? those are pretty good too!! what kind of chick flick do you like? hahaha
seen how to lose a guy in 10 it..will watch the other one!! i like warm movies with happy endings!! :) you?
me too I love happy endings too I can't really handle sad ending :( and do you like Hilary Duff? I like her in movies ahaha back then... lol there's one called Beauty and the Brief Case :D
oh i've seen it ..almost all of them.. she is one of those rare disney kids who grew up well!
i know hahahaha definitely have to emphasize on the rare part ... I think it's like a curse of some sort it's like if you work in disney you have to be prepared to fight these kind of future ahahahah