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Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Puff Kuo (Guo Xuefu), of popular Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls, have started filming for Season 2 of MBC’s “We Got Married Global Edition.” MBC released pictures of Heechul and Puff’s first meeting on January 15. The two look friendly and comfortable with one another in the photos. The production team revealed, “Kim Heechul and Puff Kuo had their first filming in the Nami Island area in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. The two appeared as a real couple from early on, and seem to be a perfect match for one another.” Puff Kuo arrived in Korea a day before filming started, and she conveyed her thoughts via the production team. “I was really nervous about my marriage life with Heechul-sshi.” According to the crew, Puff wrote down what she wanted to say in Korean in her notebook in advance and also practised in order to be able communicate with Heechul. Heechul earlier revealed his relationship style to staff, saying, “I’m a guy who likes to push and pull. While I am mischievous, I also have a lot of aegyo.” The first season of “We Got Married Global Edition” featured 2PM’s Taecyeon and Taiwanese actress Gui Gui, as well as FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and Japanese actress Fujii Mina. Season 2 is expected to air in April this year.