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Decided to spoil my co-workers this morning and brought donuts to share. My fav are the plain original glaze and the chocolate custard ones, (*_*)
woah i had no idea they had so many flavors I thought it was only original
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@curtis hmm....where you been? you must be traveling too much...yes, they have lots and lots of here's a donut, *hands you a pumpkin flav donut*....enjoy!!
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what great way to start the morning...really wish i was ur coworker right now hahah
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@cheerfulcalle i have decided ahha def. moving to where you work right now!~ considering all these doughnuts and cupcakes hahah though for Krispy Kreme I love mine original :D
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Tried the other Kryspy Kreme's flavors, but nothing beat the original glaze for me... Wahhhh, right now am craving for donuts...
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