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Tourist Reports Rape in Delhi
A Danish woman has filed a police complaint saying she was gang-raped and robbed near a train station in the Indian capital of New Delhi on Tuesday night, authorities said. The 51-year-old woman said she lost her way while sightseeing in the city. She asked for directions from some men who accosted her and subsequently robbed and raped her, CNN's sister network IBN reported. The woman has since returned to Denmark, police said. Before she left, she refused to undergo a medical checkup required to confirm sexual assault, said Alok Kumar, deputy commissioner of New Delhi police. "She didn't have injuries that required medical attention," he said, declining to provide further details on the woman's complaint. Kumar said they arrested two homeless men, ages 22 and 25, Police recovered an iPod and a phone cable that belonged to the woman. Police also expect a medical report from Danish authorities that will be used as evidence.
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So sad, I hope the police respond to her claim
4 years ago·Reply
Me too, the police in india have poor records
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hmm....she should have gone for a medical check up but i can also understand how frighten she mustve been and wanting to leave for home b/c i would have done the same too.
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