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When it comes to men's bags, Bottega Veneta is the key to timeless leather pieces men should own. Check out more Bottega's looks from the runway video & Cruise 2014 Collection's video campaign. From wallets to key chains, you will find something you really love to have. For guys who owns pieces from this brand, you do know what I am talking about. For those of you who have not step your foot into its door, try to find your way there. You'll be glad you did! Only few brands that you can buy both the name with the quality to match the price you spent on it. Well, This is one of the exception! They seem to be worth the money you will spend, high quality leathers, sophisticated colors, softy feel, light weight and very durable. When you see someone wearing Bottega Veneta, there is no mistake to it, you will know it's Bottega Veneta! People who own items from this brands tends to held their own sophisticated style and keep their status hidden in plain sight. They only want to attract people who matter! They let the timeless design of the bags and its high quality hand woven braided leather speaks for itself. There is no need to have many logos printed all over the bags, no need to scream to be noticed. It's only people who knew Bottega Veneta products and people who wear them. Here are some great pieces from their S/S 2014 (more pics of the on the link or go to