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@Goyo actually totally nice guys are boring..just be a combination of both...!! @Cheerfulcallie you need both sugar and spice in life.. just like we wont date a terrorist (most probably) ..we wont date a total bag of candies either...
Wow that was epic and true abt nice guys but there's a happy ending for them, this reminds me of a conversation I had with a guy friend b/c he says we females always friendzone the nice guy. So I said just b/c we friendzone you doesn't mean it wont become more someday so be positive and besides if not then she's not the one for you.
@neaa thanks lol it was definitely a good reminder to be a good guy although i don't think ill ever carry a random girl's bags like that poor guy lol
lol.. you were tagged because it was funny but you can imply it any way you want buddy!
I am going to go ahead and hope that I was tagged bc it was hilarious and hope there is no other implication here lol this is actually really weird bc my friend was just asking me the other day about finding a nice guy and i told her this but not in song lol this is pure gold @neaa lol
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