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A coffee bar during the day and as the sun sets it lowers its lights and becomes an extremely cool cocktail bar. Origio Coffee shop is located in Bucharest and is designed by Romanian studio Lama Architectura! "Our goal was to create a relaxed atmosphere using natural materials and colours, but also to have a little tension using contrasts," explain the architects. Two hundred and seventy six teacups are suspended from the ceiling of this coffee shop! The light oakwood furnitures are a really good contrast to the dark charcoal black walls.
i like this design, its simple but its not taking away anything much b/c the teacups is the main fixture...
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Very True... Simple neat cafe interiors are always easy on the eyes.. if i go to a cafe i wanna relax so this is definitely one of those cafes i could work at ... as compared to the previous chaotic striped cafe hahah @cheerfulcallie
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@cheerfulcallie @studio23 i wish they had used fishing wire or something more invisible so the tea cups looked like they were floating in space~
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@nokcha great idea indeed if possible to hang them that way..
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@cheerfulcallie yeah i guess it wouldnt be too great if the wire snapped and tea cups shattered everywhere hahaha
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