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Translation: Song Yi moved out of Min Joon's house and back to her home. Hwi Kyung was worried about her safety so he ordered for more security. She was more assured when Yoon Jae (bro) offered to stay with her during this period. Song Yi received the claim to compensate for breach of contract and she asks MJ to accompany her back to office. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae tells Song Yi that their mother came and brought kimchi. Song Yi wants to share it with their neighbor (MJ) and asks Yoon Jae to bring some to him. Translation: HK: This is right, how come your face remains unc hanged from 12 years ago? How old are you? JK Henchman: For a human to use the same speed to do it, it is impossible. JK: Did I see something impossible with my eyes? Lawyer: Whoever it is, do not reveal your identity. Otherwise you may really die here. MJ: If you asked me to avoid, I will avoid, then it cannot be human (?) MJ: This is DMJ. Let's meet. SY: Do you think I am an idiot? I cannot be 100% sure,but the weird incidents are not just 1 or 2 occurrences. DMJ please explain yourself.