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My Love From The Stars: Episode 10 Preview
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
2014-01-16 raw (my subs below) HK- you have the same face (as SY savior),how are you the same,how old are you? JK and his right hand man-talking about MJ,and his abilities that they saw. JYM(the lawyer)-about how MJ shows his powers to wrong people and this might be dangerous. MJ-he (JK) is not an easy person to hide from and if he new my secret it would be even more dangerous. MJ to Prosecutor-it's Do Min Joon let's meet. SY to MJ-about how he acts and thinks her naive,his wound and to explain about it.
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