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Here is How ICSE Board Fares Against CBSE

Education holds immensesignificance in an individual’s life and school is the place where children are sent to receive a formal education. Schools not only educate the children academically but also enablethem to become empowered social beings. Formal education, while boosting a child’s self-confidence and also teaches him/her basic life skills like teamwork, equality, and socialization which are required to live in the society.

Every school that imparts formal education in India follows a specific board and parents often find themselves in aimpasse when it comes to choosing the appropriate school board for their children. It goes without saying that all parents want the best for their kid but when it comes to try and figure out which board would be better, they are left scratching their heads. While children study and grow intellectually and bodily but in order to understand things properly, the type of board plays anvital role. The two main boards that operate in India are the Central Board of School Education – CBSE and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education – ICSE.

While a considerable percentage of parents choose CBSE curriculum for their children, let’s understand how the other board, that is the ICSE, helps children. It was established by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. The syllabus tailed in ICSE schools differs massively from that of CBSE schools mostly in its content and size.

Let Us Look At How ICSE Board Helps Your Child

The curriculum that the ICSE board follows is much broader than the one taught at CBSE. It gives more standing to all fields and a child’s complete development. It is more widely acknowledged all over the world, particularly by foreign schools and universities in comparison to the CBSE board schools. Many top international schools in Gurgaon have ICSE curriculum, The Shri Ram School being one of the premier among them.

Children who study the ICSE curriculum tend to have a better command over English language as compared to CBSE students. This is majorly because of the fact that the ICSE syllabus has literature and grammar as two totallydistinct subjects and students are required to take a 100 mark exam for both. Students who aim at making a career in the arenas of management and humanities will find the ICSE program fun and challenging.

The number of schools, colleges and universities that have a tie-up with many foreign colleges and universities is on an all-time rise in India. This is because of the fact that students with ICSE curriculum tend to find it slightly easier to make it to these foreign universities. This happens because generally students of ICSE have an edge over CBSE students in terms of personality and intellect.