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We can never have enough Carl Sagan.
neil degrasse tyson's new cosmos serious should be great
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While I like Sagan...his conclusion is a bit of a stretch. ..he doesn't KNOW this is all there is...he THINKS this is all there is. Big difference. Are there other universes? Other dimensions? Maybe...
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@curtis Absolutely, I'm sure by now you've already seen it since it just recently aired? @CygnusX1 Thank you for your thoughts, as they're definitely good questions. I wonder if by the cosmos, he means, everything, all of it. I'm not sure how to put it. I think the idea of multiple verses is fascinating.
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@CygnusX1 I agree, but I'm pretty sure he has considered the possibilities that you mentioned, and incorporates all possibilities in the word "cosmos." I actually got his book Cosmos for my birthday. It is amazing, and I read these exact lines on one of his pages.
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