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Although I hate u so badly, I cant do anything.
hahaha...i cmpletely agree!! i have 4sblings n i feel so stress about it. but sometimes they bring joys to us..can u imagine my friend has 16sblings!!!imagine that..hahaha i'm sure she is happy wth her fmily
@rinapodolska though I am more annoyed a bit more than the best friends part ahhahahahaha but yes I can't imagine living without them D: and also I can't imagine those people I see with like 5-6 siblings I feel like my head would burst before anything don't you agree? ahha
@ameliasantos10 strongly agree! they are the best people in this world n it's true smtimes we get annoyed by them XD @studio23 I'm totally miss them everyday especially when I'm alone in my college :)
you'll miss them when they're not around.. trust me i've been there
but they can also be best friends :D sometimes they might get annoying but I am sure most time they are best friends ^^