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How to Troubleshoot Home WiFi and Router Issues?

The Real Fact: 99% of home WiFi issues can be easily fixed by unplugging the router, and then plug it back in again. This resets the device and improves speed.
Our aim with this tutorial is to provide you with a point of reference for how to tackle with some most common home WiFi issues, like:
WiFi not working. WiFi slowed down. WiFi network disappears. Devices that will not connect to WiFi.

We will cover how to setup Netgear Nighthawk router if your wireless connection is running slower than usual. As well as how to troubleshoot a network that not connect at all. Let's take a look at several tools that you can use to troubleshoot your connection when problems hit.

WiFi Quick Fix

If your Nighthawk router or other brand routers suddenly stops working, before stepping towards anything else, restart your WiFi router. Follow the below-mentioned steps:
Unplug or power off your WiFi router. Wait for 20-30 seconds and plug it back in. Now, wait until it reconnects to the Internet.

In most cases, this can fix your issue and allow you to get come back online. If you go through steps and still nothing happens. You can go with the next measures.

Understanding the Router Indications

Nighthawk routers have a series of icons that emit to convey the different status of the router. Though these can vary from brand to brand, but most include at least three primary status like:
Globe icon: Solid when the router is connected to the Internet. WiFi icon: Solid when WiFi broadcasts without any issue. Ethernet icon: Solid when Ethernet cables are working properly.

How to Troubleshoot WiFi Network?

If you tried the quick fix mentioned above to no success, there are still several other ways to troubleshoot your WiFi connection. In order to find the best technique most likely to help you, let's break them down:

Slower-Than-Normal WiFi Speeds

If you are using the hardwired connection then you are using much faster speed than the wireless one. However, there may be more you do make better your home network. Wired connections usually always faster as compared with the wireless network.
First, try to move your home WiFi router to a more central location. If that's not the option, then try Netgear Nighthawk app to change the bandwidth from 2.4GHz to 5GHz band whenever possible.

No Internet Connection

If you are unable to load any web page from a hardwired or wireless connection, then there might be some issue with your WiFi network itself. If restarting the Nighthawk router does not fix the issue, you need to set it up again completely.
Most routers come with a small 'reset' button to bring the device back to factory restore settings. If you are unable to find the reset button, then visit Netgear Nighthawk router login page to reset your Nighthawk WiFi router.
We hope these solutions will help you to fix out the issues. If still, the problems remain the same, feel free to contact us via comments. We are always here to provide you with the easy and best solution.
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How to Repair SQL Database- A Detailed Guide
MS SQL Server is widely used as one of the relational databases containing a sophisticated internal structure and is highly reliable. To save the essential data, most of the organizations use the SQL database. But sometimes SQL database resulting in database corruption in SQL server due to virus infections, malfunctioning of the operating system, corrupted file system, etc. This is because the MDF file gets corrupted and there is a need to repair MDF files. Therefore this blog focuses on ‚Äėhow to repair SQL Database‚Äô by explaining various methods. Reasons for Database Corruption in SQL Server- In a SQL Server server, there may be various possible explanations for corruption. As everyone knows, the main server files are the MDF files of SQL database. They store all user data but corruption in MDF files can corrupt the entire database. Therefore, we will discuss all the possible reasons for corruption in MDF files 1. If a client has stored the SQL database in a compressed folder it is likely to overwrite the MDF file. 2. Any data may have been accidentally deleted by a user. 3. Corruption of all MDF files in storage media. 4. Any modifications or improvements will be made to a SQL Server account. If the SQL database is in use and there is a network error between them, this leads to MDF file corruption. 5. Virus attacks, hard disk failure, irregular machine shutdown, and sudden power failure are other possible reasons that cause MDF file corruption. 6. If the header of the file is corrupted, it will result in MDF file corruption. 7. Disc drivers defected. These are the reasons for creating MDF file corruption. Now, let's move ahead to know manual techniques. How to recover data from corrupted SQL Server Database via Manual Techniques? There are usually two cases where you can use this approach to fix the master database file of SQL Server. Let's continue! Method 1: Solve SQL Server Database in Recovery Pending Mode The server undergoes the condition of Recovery Pending when a resource-related issue occurs during recovery. In this case, there is no fraud or harm to the SQL Server database. Nonetheless, it is unavailable due to some folder or machine resources failure. You need to detach the existing database and reattach it using T-SQL query to fix Recovery Pending status in SQL Server. Go through this article once to get this process in depth. Method 2: Repair SQL Database Marked as Suspect or Corrupted The suspect mode can cause damage or corruption to the primary filegroup. That is why the SQL database is not usable. You need to use the DBCC Check command to restore Suspect database. Here we have defined a general procedure that works successfully to repair SQL Server Suspect Mode Error server. This process is divided into several steps. So, let's continue!! Phase 1: Enable SUSPECT Database to Emergency Mode This mode allows only read-only access of the system administrator to the database In fact, only members of the sysadmin will set the EMERGENCY State. Run the following query on the panel to make the database in EMERGENCY mode: ALTER DATABASE DATABASE_NAME SET EMERGENCY Phase 2: Verify Damage Level DBCC CHECKDB (DB Name) request need be run and the errors should be analyzed as: DBCC CHECKDB (Database_Name) Phase 3: Repair Command Execution There are three repair modes available with DBCC CHECKDB that can be used to restore the database from EMERGENCY mode to functional mode: REPAIR FAST:- The syntax of backward compatibility can be retained. This means that in SQL Server 2008, you can run the SQL Server 2005 database folder. There are no strong maintenance acts. If you want to solve the problem of backward compatibility, make sure that the server is in SINGLE USER mode rather than EMERGENCY status. Use the following methods to make the database in SINGLE USER MODE: Method 1: By GUI Approach 1. Choose the database and make a right-click on it. 2. Go and hit on Options. 3. Visit the Restrict Access option and go to the drop-down button. Then, choose the SINGLE_USER option >> OK button. Method 2: By T-SQL Query You can also use T-SQL to switch the mode of the database to SINGLE USER. To do this, execute the SSMS query below. ALTER DATABASE DATABASE_NAME SET SINGLE_USER\ REPAIR_FAST Command After setting up the Single USER Mode database, execute the query below to repair the SQL Server database. DBCC CHECKDB (N ‚ÄėDatabase_Name‚Äô, REPAIR_FAST) WITH ALL_ERRORMSGS, NO_INFOMSGS; GO REPAIR_REBUILD:- This repair command is preferred for the SQL database because the risk of data loss is much lower. Ideally, REPAIR FAST performs all the repair procedures. It also performs some time-consuming repairs, including the reconstruction of indexes. To use this, execute the query below. Notice: Database in SINGLE_USER Mode. DBCC CHECKDB (N ‚Äėdatabase name‚Äô, REPAIR_REBUILD) WITH ALL_ERRORMSGS, NO_INFOMSGS; Read Also- How to Recover Corrupted MySQL Database? Method 3: Setting Database to MULTI_USER Mode Use the following query and change the database mode into multi-user mode once the database is repaired successfully: ALTER DATABASE DATABASE_NAME SET MULTI_USER All these are the manual approaches to repair SQL database. But there may be some chance to data loss and other data may be corrupted. So, it is better to use a third-party utility to directly repair MDF files. Use SQL Database Recovery software to perform MDF recovery that can result in repairing SQL Database. Final Verdict This blog explained various manual methods repair SQL database that can resolve database corruption in the SQL server. But there are many drawbacks with manual ways so to handle this an expert solution has been provided.
How to recover SQLite Database with different Approaches?
The most common problem with the database is to recover SQLite deleted database files from SQLite. But recovering SQLite data isn't fast. This blog will, therefore, explain all the appropriate solutions to solve the database concern. This blog contains several sections in which it will explain the SQLite Database first, then the reasons for deletion, and then how to solve the problem. Factors of SQLite Database Corruption: 1. Process action in a disk file. 2. Error in running applications can corrupt the database. 3. Incompatibility between running threads and processes can damage the data files. 4. If the SQLite Data Protection feature is disabled. Most important Points about SQLite Database: 1. A software library is SQLite that provides a relational database management system. In SQLite, lite refers to lightweight in terms of configuration, resource requirements, and database management. 2. One of the widely available services is SQLite in the world, with some more resources including numerous high-profile initiatives. 3. It is also incorporated in the SQL database engine and there is no single server system in SQLite, unlike any other SQL database. 4. It reads and writes directly to the ordinary disk file. However, users may mistakenly delete the records from the SQLite and then recover them to maintain business continuity. Read Also- Resolve All SQL Error- SQL Server Repair Kit How SQLite Database Structure looks like? The SQLite database follows the B-Tree structure A single B-Tree is used to manage each index and table within the database. All B-trees are stored in the same disk folder and specifics of the file format are consistent and well-defined. Furthermore, the btree.h header file indicates the B-tree subsystem & rest interface of the SQLite library. Database pages: The chief database file contains one or more pages. It's the power of 2 between 512 and 65536 if we're talking about the width of a page. The pages are of the same size in a similar file. The page width is calculated by a 2-byte integer that is set at 16 bytes offset at the server start. Server header: The top 100 bytes of the file form the header of the database. The file header is split into two separate fields. All multibyte fields are first saved with the most important byte in the server file header. How SQLite recover deleted records manually? If the files are not backed up, you can use the manual method to restore the database. 1. Initially, open the DB Browse for SQL Lite. 2. Hit on the Execute SQL tab to run the query. 3. Type PRAGMA integrity_check and hit on play button. 4. Go to File >>Export and choose Database to SQL File. 5. Pick the items to export. 6. Hit on OK button to start the export process. 7. Wait until the process completes then you can again import the database file. 8. Visit File >>Import and choose Database to SQL. These are the manual ways for SQLite recover data but this does not give correct output all the time. Therefore, the use of a direct way will be the best option to find the correct outputs without any mistakes. So, go with SQLite Database Recovery utility to recover the SQLite deleted Database. This tool offers a feature to recover data files from SQLite. Using this method you can access tables, images, triggers, and columns quickly. Conclusion In this blog, various approaches to recover SQLite deleted Databases have been given. Reasons and the structure of the Database also provided. You can use any of the above methods of your choice.
LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Reviews- Create Stunning WordPress Websites With One Click
LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Reviews Create¬†Stunning¬†Wordpress¬†Websites With One Click Welcome to my LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†Reviews¬†to day! If you ask a¬†successful online agency how they started their company, many will say ‚ÄúBuilding Websites!‚Ä̬†Precisely! When working in Digital Marketing, you‚Äôll find that almost everyone needs a website, or an upgraded website.¬† Absolutely, clients are always impressive with websites that have designed professionally and meticulously. In¬†recent¬†years, website development industry has grown significantly, let‚Äôs see: There are 500k new businesses every month 71% of businesses are projected to get a website That‚Äôs 350,000 new websites every month! Or 4.2 million new business websites every year! Website development is a$34 billion dollar i There are 28 million small businesses just in The US. There are many are willing to do it again for a fresh new sites. Additionally there are countless businesses that have an old or outdated website and need anew or upgraded design Website development is a booming market & will be for years and projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 To 2026. By this moment, I believe you have already realized what problems you may have found with building websites: You don‚Äôt want to spend hours building a website from scratch You‚Äôre not a web developer, a coder, or a designer You can‚Äôt afford to hire a designer or developer to build websites for you You‚Äôre a total newbie and don‚Äôt have a clue how to build a website The last site you built took way too long and you never want to build another website ever again You want another way, but most ‚Äúeasy website solutions‚ÄĚ are low quality How do you think if there is something that can help you quickly create any design you dream of¬†and install with just one click. Excited? Well, this is¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†‚Äď one of awesome product I would recommend to you today! Then it is about time you scroll down for the rest of my review. Check it out! LocalSitesGo Volume 8 ‚Äď Overview 1ProductLocalSitesGo Volume 82VendorRuben Romero3Launch Date2020-Feb-254Launch Time11:00¬†EDT5Official sitehttps://localsitesgo.com/6Front-End Price$19.97-$21.977BonusesYes,¬†Huge Bonuses8Skill Level NeededAll Levels9Refund30 day money back guarantee10Product TypeSoftware¬†¬Ľ WordPress11Support–ēff–Ķ—Āt—Ėv–Ķ R–Ķ—ē—Ä–ĺn—ē–Ķ12RecommendedHighly recommended LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†‚Äď What Is It? LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†is a comprehensive¬†tool that help you build website easily & quickly by using the most powerful Elementor Theme. ¬†It‚Äôs a WordPress Theme the ready to go niche websites that are built with a single click.¬† This frees up your mental space to work with your client to make sure they are happy. It gives you time to sell more sights and build your business.¬†This makes it so much easier to go back to previous clients and upgrade the sites they have. Stay posted for more information to come. About The Creator ‚ÄstRuben Romero Behind¬†LocalSitesGo¬†Volume 8¬†is¬†Ruben Romero. Ruben Romero has been doing local marketing full time since 2006. He‚Äôs been involved in multiple 5 and 6 figure launches. The first one made $500,000 in less than 10 days. However, his main business is running a¬†local marketing agency. Let‚Äôs see his achievements acquired over the years: ¬†‚Äď First launch made over $500k in 10 days. ¬†‚Äď Second launch made enough to buy his house with cash. ¬†‚Äď Runs a six figure marketing agency. ¬†‚Äď Over 13 years internet marketing full time. ¬†‚Äď Dedicated team! ¬†‚Äď 5 full time website designers. ¬†‚Äď Terrific Support Team. Ruben understands just how hard it is to start your own online business and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing his six figure local marketing business. He‚Äôs revealing some of the six figure local marketing business secrets he‚Äôs developed over the past decade to a¬†select few here at LocalSitesGo. Judging by what this digital¬†expert has been offering over the years, I believe that soon,¬†LocalSitesGo¬†Volume 8 is going to become a hit. Features Of¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8 ‚ô†¬†Create Beautiful¬†WordPress¬†Websites With One Click With LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Get 10 professionally designed, niche specific, layouts One-Click design import 50+ prebuilt pages Royalty free images No clunky short codes Built with elementor drag & drop live page builder No coding 110+ amazing features Infinitely customizable theme ‚ô†¬†Get Total Control Of Your Website: ¬† ¬†¬†‚ô¶ Total Header Control 13 Unique Pre-Built Headers Flexibility To Create Completely Custom Headers Header Element Position Controls Unlimited Color Control (Including Transparency) Sticky Header Option HTML Header Options Social Icon Size, Position, And Color Control Menu Control Search Icon Size, Position, & Color Control Header Image Option ¬† ¬†‚ô¶¬†Total Footer Control Universal Footer Creation Customizable Universal Widget Pre-Footer Controls Native Widget Footer Integration Footer Column Control ‚ô†¬†Makes Developing¬†Beautiful Web 2.0,¬†Designs & Features For Local Businesses Fast & Easy. ‚ô†¬†Localsitesgo Volume 8¬†Includes 10 Professionally & Beautifully Designed Layouts In Some Of The Hottest Local Niches: ‚ô†¬†The LocalSitesGo Theme‚ÄstWhat Makes It So Darn Special? ¬† ‚ô¶ Instant Installer Create a website in an instant with our one-click niche installer technology. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Fast Loading Tiny, fast-loading theme.¬†The theme itself is a small file to help maximize load time. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Custom Websites Create your own sites easily without coding and with any theme builder. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Elementor Designs The LocalSitesGo designs are made for Elementor but the theme can work with any page builder. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Native Structure Theme is built using wordpress‚Äôs native customization features. Not a bulky add-on. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Unlimited Colors Get an unlimited color palette (including transparent colors). Change your elements to any color. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Customization Customize everything without restrictions: fonts, headers, pre- headers, backgrounds, menus, icons, footer, pre-footers. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Mobile Responsive Each & every element can be individually positioned, displayed & adjusted so it looks good on tablets and mobile devices. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Multi-Site Whether you‚Äôre looking to install on an individual site or multi-site install (with a developer license), it will work! And it is tested¬†on both. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Logo Controls Complete logo control using an image or use powerful text logo controls for an instant logo. No more waiting for the clients to send you something. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Menu Control Total menu control. have the same or different menus for mobile and desktop computers. localsitesgo, even has an option for split menus. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Site Typography Control site typography. Change H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, body, hyperlink, blog, sidebar, widget, etc for the entire site from the customization page. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Woocommerce There are¬†tons of woocommerce features to make your wordpress pages look stunning. You can custom build your ecommerce pages to look just the way you want with elementor‚Äôs drag and drop builder. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Font Logos Want to get a demo site up fast? No need to wait for the client to even send you a logo. You can use Google fonts to create instant text font-logo for your clients as easy as editing a font. With or without a tagline. ¬† ‚ô¶¬†Backgrounds Complete background control. Choose a background image with parallax, particle, or one of our many other image background features. Have infinite control over the background color & transparency. ‚ô†¬†¬†Easily Build The Kind Of Sites,¬†You‚ÄôVe Only Dreamt Of¬†One-Click Designs Use The Most Popular Page Builder In The Market: Elementor ‚ô¶¬†Most Flexible Page Builder Elementor is the best page builder in the market. It‚Äôs constantly being updated & isn‚Äôt an IM¬†product. So it won‚Äôt become useless, out-dated, & unsupported in a few months or less than a year like other internet marketing products. It‚Äôs also light weight and lightening fast! ‚ô¶¬†Drag And Drop Builder With Elementor You can create beautiful websites with it‚Äôs powerful, drag-&-drop editor, that edits fast, is infinitely and easily changeable without knowing how to code. You see exactly what your page looks like as you edit it and can make changes live, fast, and on the fly. ‚ô¶¬†Infinite Mobile Experience Customize your visitors‚Äôexperience on mobile, tablets & desktop. Change the spacing, size, or other features specifically on mobile or tablet views for infinite flexibility. ‚ô¶¬†No Upgrades Needed Elementor is free but they do have a pro version. However with LocalSitesGo, you won‚Äôt need to upgrade because those features are built in. No need to purchase anything else. ‚ô¶¬†110+ Additional Elements ¬†All these features are added to the basic Elementor page builder: Accordion Advanced Button Advanced Google Map Advanced Heading Advanced Icon Box Advanced Image Gallery Animated Heading Audio Player BBpress BOOKED Calendar Buddypress Friends Buddypress Group Buddypress Member Business Hours Caldera Form Call Out Carousel Charts Circle Menu Comment Contact Form 7 Cookie Consent Countdown Custom Carousel Custom Gallery Device Slider Document Viewer Download Monitor Dropbar Dual Button Easy Digital Downloads Easy Digital Downloads History Easy Digital Downloads Purchase History Easy Download Portfolio Editor Element Parallax Event Calendar Countdown FAQ Flip Box Gravity Forms Help Desk Icon Nav Iframe Image Compare Image Magnifier Instagram Instagram Feed Layer Slider Lightbox MailChimp MailChimp For WordPress Marker Member Modal Navbar News Ticker Ninja Forms Offcanvas Open Street Map Panel Slider Parallax Background Parallax Section Post Block Post Block Modern Post Card Post Gallery Post Grid Post Grid Tab Post List Post Slider Pricing List Pricing Table Progress Pie Protected Content QR Code Quform Revolution Slider Schedule Content Scroll Button Scroll Image Scrollnav Search Section Particles Simple Contact Form Single Post Slider Slideshow Social Share Sticky Section Switcher Table Table Of Content Tablepress Tabs Testimonial Carousel Testimonial Grid Testimonial Slider Thumb Gallery Timeline Toggle Trailer Box Twitter Carousel Twitter Slider User Login User Register Video Gallery Video Player Weather Widget Toolbar Woocommerce Add To Cart Woocommerce Carousel Woocommerce Cart Page Woocommerce Categories Woocommerce Checkout Page Woocommerce Products Woocommerce Slider Woocommerce Tracking Form WP Forms 360¬į Product Viewer ¬†My Site My Site Device Slider How Does¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†Work? All right!¬†let‚Äôs see just how quickly we¬†can set up a site with LocalSitesGo: They‚Äôre gonna come under¬†appearance¬†we‚Äôve installed the¬†plugins¬†and under appearance. You‚Äôre gonna see here LocalSitesGo importer and then you‚Äôre gonna¬†see the different designs that you can import you can preview them you can sort¬†them. If you have multiple volumes this becomes really handy so you can say okay. Just select the one that you want.You‚Äôre gonna come here let‚Äôs do Wedding Venue you‚Äôll see here the website is just a blank website just a test website there‚Äôs nothing on it: We‚Äôre gonna go to import we‚Äôre gonna say yes and we‚Äôre gonna import this on a brand new site. Now when we go back to the site we‚Äôre gonna refresh and we instantly have a Wedding Venue site here that we installed with animation with images look at that all sorts of information¬†and this can be easily edited. It‚Äôs all sort of drag-and-drop editing and beautiful site multiple pages done in less than two minutes. * For more details, please watch below demo video: Who Should Get¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8? In my opinion,¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†is a comprehensive solution for everyone who wants to¬†build websites fast and easily as little effort as possible. Regardless of newbies who have little knowledge and experience in web development. So, I highly recommend it for: Web Developer, Coder, Designer Affiliates Marketers Bloggers Social Media Marketers Digital Marketers Email Marketers Online Business Owners Website Owners Product Creators Com + Amazon Any other kinds of online business LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†‚Äď Pros And Cons ¬†Pros Built to launch sites fast and easy Launch a site with as little effort as possible Instant install technology Installed with the a single click Save time and development costs 100% Beginner Friendly. 30 day money back guarantee Get support 24/7 at TerrificSupport.com ¬†Cons I gonna¬†tell you that this product really doesn‚Äôt have any drawbacks.¬† How Much Does¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†Cost?¬† Even though it‚Äôs packed full of features, you‚Äôre not going to have to pay $3000 for a developer‚Äôs license to localsitesgo. Wouldn‚Äôt it be amazing if you get get all 10 sites for less than $10 per site! So instead of $3000, you‚Äôre only paying $99 for the entire set! This really is a limited time offer! This price really will increase and this volume will go away. It is planed on selling these themes individually and then you‚Äôll have to pay full price for each of them. For a limited time only, get all 10 pre made sites for less than the price of one site. ‚ô• Inexpensive Front-End Offer¬†‚ÄstLocalSitesGo $21.97¬†for¬†Developer License¬†or¬†$19.97¬†for¬†10 Site License: Low-Priced, Easy-Commitment, High-Conversion, Powerful Theme Builder, 10 Instant Install Niches, Bonuses LocalSiteGo 10 Site LicenseLocalSiteGo Unlimited Site Developer License* Install On 10 Sites*¬† Install On Unlimited Sites¬†* LocalSitesGo Theme*¬† LocalSitesGo Theme*¬† One Click Import Plugin*¬† One Click Import Plugin*¬† 10 Niche Ready Sites*¬† 10 Niche Ready Sites*¬† Drag and Drop Builder¬†* Drag and Drop Builder*¬† Lightning Fast Support*¬† Lightning Fast Support*¬† 110+ Premium Elementor Features¬†* 110+ Premium Elementor Features ‚ô•¬†OTO1 : LandingPageGo $19.97¬†LandingPageGo: Gotta-Have, High-Desire, High Value, Landing Pages you can sell to businesses running pay per click advertising (Including an easy copy writing formula worksheet to help write landing page copy with ease.) ‚ô•¬†OTO 2: LocalSitesGo Pro $27.97¬†LocalSitesGo Pro: Get even more designs for each of these niches so you and your clients have more choices! ‚ô•¬†OTO 3: Mentoring $500¬†get mentoring to take your agency to the next level. Note: Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love. If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well. Well, this is a limited time offer. The price is going up. Click the button below before the life gets in the way and get your access to¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8: LocalSitesGo Volume 8 ‚ÄstIs It Worth Buying? Well, you know, building websites¬†is expensive¬†and developer licenses can cost over $3000. Moreover, building websites¬†by the traditional way¬†takes a ton of time & money. But with¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8, you will¬†make the process¬†fast, easy, and affordable. Beside, you¬†don‚Äôt need¬†to Hire designers Pay coders Hire web developers Learn how to design Buy royalty free images Spend hours actually doing it all! On the other hand, there is no risk for you with¬†30¬†day¬†money¬†back¬†guarantee Any stress or reservation will be eliminated, you might feel by taking on all the risk for you. You get a full 30 days to test and try out LocalSitesGo. If for whatever reason you decide it‚Äôs not for you, of course, you will get¬†a full refund. In a nutshell,¬†I believe that¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†is a good investment for you. Now, let‚Äôs recap outstanding benefits you will get: Create Beautiful WordPress Websites With One Click Get 10 Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts One-Click Design Import 50+ Prebuilt Pages Royalty Free Images No Clunky Short Codes Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder No Coding 110+ Amazing Features Infinitely Customizable Theme LocalSitesGo Volume 8 ‚ÄstBonuses Let‚Äôs see additional bonuses¬†you will get: BONUS #1:¬†LET THESE FLYERS DO THE SELLING FOR YOU Get 10 editable PDF¬†flyers and let them sell your website services for you! They are print ready and fully editable. Change the text to whatever you want! print them up at home or have them professionally printed and offer them to businesses and prospects and let them do all the selling. Professionally Designed High Quality Print Ready Completely Editable Text Effective Sales Tool Editable PDFs Create High Trust And Authority Set Yourself Apart From The Competition Reminds Prospects Why They Need You Value $67 BONUS #2:¬†MEGA BLOG PACK: 100 BLOG POSTS With LocalSitesGo Pro, you get all the website content you need for all your regular pages, but what about content for blogs? Value $67 Here‚Äôs how we‚Äôre making localsitesgo pro even better! Get 10 Blog Posts For Every Site! That‚Äôs 100 Blogs Already Done For You Offer Them As An Added Service Use Them To Close The Deal Instantly Installed On Every Site With A Simple Click Can Be Scheduled Out To Publish However You‚Äôd Like: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Twice A Week For 5 Weeks ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Once A Week For 10 Weeks ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Once A Month For 10 Months Blogging Is Critical For: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + SEO ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Content Marketing ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Authority ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Engagement ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Market Leadership ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Website Links ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† + Customer Relations 10 blog posts included for all 10 sites. That‚Äôs over 100 pages of blog post content you can offer to every local business that buys a site from you. Easily offer this service at $500 for website content and $50 for each blog post. This drastically increases your income potential from every single client. What Is People Say About¬†LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Let‚Äôs listen digital experts say about this amazing page builder: Ande Porter‚ÄďDeveloper Absolutely awesome! Makes modifying pages a breeze, and minimizes the need to use custom code and CSS to achieve a beautiful, functional site. Milo‚ÄďDeveloper Have tried them all and Elementor is simply the best builder for WordPress. My clients love it and as a web-developer of 15 years I have not seen anything that comes even close. Kent Silverhill‚ÄďDeveloper This plugin has become essential to me. The number of options it provides, the number of elements that can be added, are nothing short of superb. I wish I‚Äôd found it months ago! Jess Pereira‚ÄďDeveloper I‚Äôve been developing websites for 3+ years now and been using Elementor for the past year or so. I dare say it‚Äôs the best page builder I‚Äôve worked with in a long time. Full of options and great intuitive tools. Never stop improving it please! Margaretana‚ÄďDeveloper Elementor delivers everything it promises and more! It has a logical, non-coding process that is great for newbies like me to use‚Ķmakes building a website a smooth, stress-free task. Nikola J Kruse‚ÄďDeveloper Powerful mobile page builder! Helped me in creating perfect responsive websites for my clients. narf42.co.uk‚ÄďDeveloper There are so many options you can do a lot with Elementor. Have been redesigning both website and WooCommerce site and will be recommending to others as it‚Äôs the best and easiest page builder I‚Äôve used. Rogue Yoshi‚ÄďDeveloper Very useful, rapid deployment, visual and fast. Jack Randall‚ÄďDeveloper Life changing plugin. In it‚Äôs default out of the box settings this Plugin is just incredible. I build websites for clients and while I know HTML/CSS and some PHP it‚Äôs so much easier to build them visually‚ĶJust fantastic. LocalSitesGo Volume 8 ‚ÄstFrequently Asked Questions 1> Is This A WordPress Theme? Yes, LocalSitesGo is a wordpress theme and plugin and requires a wordpress site to install. 2> Do I Need To Purchase Elementor Pro For These Sites To Work? You do not have to purchase elementor pro for these sites to work. All the features included are built on Elementor basic and the included plugins. Nothing more to buy! 3> Won‚Äôt¬†All¬†These¬†Features¬†Slow¬†Down¬†My Site ? Nope:¬†It‚Äôs streamline coded and you can disable any unused elements, so your site loads even faster! 4> Can I Resell This Theme? With a 10 site license, you are allowed to install the theme and plugins on 10 personal sites only. If you purchased the developers license, you can install it on as many personal or client websites you want, but you are not allowed to sell a theme developed with localsitesgo as a stand-alone theme. 5> Can I Still Use This Even If I‚Äôm Brand New To WordPress? Absolutely!¬†Theme and the page builder are super easy to use and understand, even for a newbie! 6> Are You Holding Back Features So You Can Upsell Them To Me Later? Not at all, Ruben Romero¬†is not holding anything back to try to sell you any additional features or themes. Everything is included. He¬†does¬†have three additional offers that have nothing to do with the these designs. The first one is landing pages for each of the niche sites. The second is for additional site designs for these specific niches. And finally a mentorship. He¬†isn‚Äôt holding back any features in localsitesgo itself so there‚Äôs no need to buy anything else. 7> Where‚Äôs My Product? Here‚Äôs how the purchase process works: After you purchase, you will be redirected to the members area. You will also get an email with login details. 8> What If I Need Support? Support Team is here to help! If you need help or a refund or anything, just reach out to us and they‚Äôll get back to you asap. (don‚Äôt reach out to us via our paypal email because that email is not monitored) you can get support at TerrificSupport.com Conclusion It is undoubted that LocalSitesGo Volume 8¬†is a powerful tool you need to build your website.You can create great niche ready websites in less than 2 minutes. With LocalSitesGo you get 10 Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts.¬†One-Click Design Import, 50+ Prebuilt Pages, Royalty Free Images, No Clunky Short Codes, Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder, No Coding Needed, 110+ Amazing Features and an Infinitely Customizable Theme. This is the end of my review. I just want to confirm again that LocalSitesGo Volume 8 is the best WordPress theme ever. You really should try it out! I‚Äôm sure that it will give you a pleasant experience. Again, do not miss out this deal, this price really will increase and this volume will go away, click the below button to access LocalSitesGo Volume 8:
[PLR] Carb Cycling For Weight Loss Review ‚Äď Download, Edit, Sell, Keep 100% Profit!
[PLR] Carb Cycling For Weight Loss Review Resell this today and keep 100% of the profits Welcome to my [PLR] Carb Cycling For Weight Loss Review! You may have heard that it‚Äôs easy to make a living online. May even have tried a few methods already. But I‚Äôm pretty sure you know that there are still many people out there who are struggling to see results‚Ķ What about you? Have you started yet? I‚Äôm here to tell you that even if you haven‚Äôt started yet, you‚Äôre way left out. Why? Because you are about to discover the $72.7 Billion opportunity: I‚Äôm not exaggerating at all! It can be a business that changes your life! A business package that enables you to be an authority figure in the online marketplace with just a few clicks! All you need to do is grab your copy, edit, upload, and SELL! That simple! You don‚Äôt have to go through the hassles to outsource graphic design or write tedious sales copy & You get a Complete Package! It‚Äôs pretty simple to get started. This Package is IN-DEMAND and something that marketers will gladly spend their money on. Now, let‚Äôs scroll down to get more details. Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR Review ‚Äď Overview CreatorYu Shaun et alProduct[PLR] Carb Cycling For Weight LossLaunch Date2020-Feb-18Launch Time09:00 ESTOfficial websitehttps://abundanceprint.com/Front-End Price$7-$9.95BonusesYes, huge bonusesSkillAll levelsGuarantee30 day money back guaranteeNichePLRSupport–ēff–Ķ—Āt—Ėv–Ķ r–Ķ—ē—Ä–ĺn—ē–ĶRecommendHighly recommend!¬† Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR Review ‚Äď What is it? Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†is the¬†REAL SOLUTION¬†for those who are looking for how to lose weight fast, boost athletic performance or breakthrough weight loss plateau. Well, with¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss, it is not just another fad diet. It is known as the ‚ÄúSecret Weapon‚ÄĚ by a number of the world‚Äôs top athletes & bodybuilders to get in their best physical condition FAST. You will get everything about how to get started with carb cycling, core benefits & implementation strategies, carb cycling protocols to follow, sample 7 days carb cycling meal plan‚Ķ and all the tips & tricks to get the best results out of this diet. As it comes with complete sales funnel and¬†Private Label Rights, you now can figure out your way to step into the booming ‚ÄúSelf-Help‚ÄĚ industry. Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR Review ‚Äst About Creator Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†is a product of the¬†cooperation¬†of¬†Yu Shaun¬†&¬†Carly Lee. They are no longer¬†strange faces¬†to us, in fact they are more likely to be¬†skillful experts¬†in¬†launching PLR products. Their latest product,¬†Wired For Greatness PLR, had made up to over¬†500 copies. For such¬†eternal dedication¬†of these young vendors, the two honored prizes are given to them which are¬†Top 10% Vendor¬†&¬†Top 25% Affiliate¬†of¬†WarriorPlus. If you need more references, I would like to list some other amazing¬†PLR creations¬†of them:¬†Biohacking Secrets PLR, Minimalist Living PLR, Power Of Positive Thinking PLR, Anxiety Formula, Unshakeable Confidence, Joint Health 101 PLR, Success Principles, Functional Fitness, Wired For Greatness PLR ¬†etc. It‚Äôs not every day you can find this¬†seldom and rich resource¬†of content so do not leave my¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†review soon. What Are the Features of¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR? Carb Cycling For Weight Loss¬†includes clear modules that help you learn the fastest ways to achieve your dream physique without burning out and feeling ‚Äėflat‚Äô. Let‚Äôs take a look. MODULE 1: PREMIUM QUALITY EBOOK It contains the latest and most up-to-date information on carb cycling that is professionally written with real-life experience. Packed with over¬†10,000+ words¬†written in a thoughtful way that will ‚Äėtalk‚Äô to your readers, creating with¬†100% engagement¬†and bring your readers into awe. Every bit of information has no fluff, but quality content that your people are going to LOVE. Here‚Äôs what you will discover in this full-blown Course: What is carb cycling and how can it get you in shape. How to use carb cycling to burn fat & build muscle. Who can benefit from carb cycling. The basics of embarking on a carb cycling regime. The differences between keto and carb cycling. What you can and can‚Äôt eat on a carb cycling diet. How to change your mental habits for the better. How carb cycling can promote weight loss. The other benefits of carb cycling beyond weight loss. The important things to remember when trying out carb cycling. Top tips for getting started with a carb cycling eating plan. ‚Ķ And so much more waiting to be uncovered inside! MODULE 2: COMPLETE CHECK LIST This Checklist contains¬†step-by-step guidelines¬†that are in both¬†DOCX¬†and¬†PDF files¬†for your end-users to reap the most benefits from the book. By simply breaking one huge topic into¬†easy chunks, your users will get absolute clarity with the included easy to¬†follow action steps! You will provide your customers with¬†tremendous values¬†and they will love you for it! MODULE 3: COMPREHENSIVE MIND MAP This mindmap is perfectly suitable for¬†‚Äėvisual‚Äô learners. It outlines everything your customers are going to learn throughout the¬†entire course. With¬†just a glance, your clients will have a¬†clear picture¬†of what they are going to expect and they will absorb so much more than¬†reading through the book by pages. MODULE 4: HIGH CONVERTING SALES PAGE & THANK YOU PAGE They‚Äôve done the heavy-lifting for you. Your ready-made sales page was written by their¬†professional in-house copywriter¬†specialized in driving crazy conversions. So, you have one of the most difficult parts being taken care of. As a result, instead of braining for¬†high-converting ideas¬†or spending¬†$1000s¬†on professional copywriter, you can now sell this product from the get-go! All you need to do is just simply¬†add a BUY button,¬†put your name¬†on it and your sales funnel is good to go! Just send traffic to it, and the sales will keep rolling in even with your eyes closed. MODULE 5: HYPNOTIZING VIDEO SALES LETTER Upload this video into your website and watch your conversions soar sky-high! MODULE 6:¬†EXCLUSIVE LEAD MAGNET In the¬†Health & Fitness niche, giving out¬†Free Offers or Gifts¬†has been proven to increase sales up to 40% and they have prepared the perfect Free Offer as lead magnet/bribe for this specific product. Obviously, what makes a prospect buy from you is¬†TRUST. By demonstrating¬†tremendous value¬†through their¬†professionally-written lead magnet, your leads are going to trust you more and become more inclined to buy the actual product, which will be recommended in the backend. It includes: 5,000+ word Special Report written by top notch writer. Link to main product at the backend. DOC and PDF files included for you to edit and customize the book however you want. MODULE 7: PROFESSIONAL LANDING PAGE Your opt-in page is professionally done and high-converting. MODULE 8: FOLLOW-UP EMAIL SWIPES Use these to step closer to your leads and increase the engagement. Simply plug them into your Autoresponder and start growing a QUALITY list that converts MODULE 9: STUNNING GRAPHICS PACK Which Includes: eCovers: eBook, Box, CD, DVD, Report and Bundles Banner Ads: sizes 350√ó250, 250√ó250, 120√ó300, 160√ó600, 728√ó90 Comes with PNG/JPG and PSD files MODULE 10: LICENSE CERTIFICATES On top of the given Full Private Label Rights, you will also receive Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights license certificates if you choose to sell away the rights of this product to your customers! And what I love the most about this product is that it comes with the¬†FULL Private Label Rights. So you can easily: Resell it. Suggested resell price: $17.00 Use it for PERSONAL USE and gain tremendous value from it Put your name on it and be the AUTHOR ‚Äď Great way to Brand yourself as an Expert Give Away as BONUS when customers buy through your affiliate link Use it as a LEAD MAGNET to grow your list Use as an upsell package for your existing product funnel Re-purpose into physical product Upload the product to your Membership Site and charge a monthly fee Breakdown the content for your Social Media Posts Use the product for your Webinar Course the content into different languages Create podcast episodes Can sell standalone/personal use rights Can sell resell rights Can sell master resell rights What Can You Do? The first thing that you need to know is What file formats are included? For the videos: you get the MP4 formats. For the bonus images: you get the PNG files (ready for use) + PSD Photoshop / GIMP source files for each of the images so you can edit them as you wish. All the images and icons used in the viral quotes videos and images are royalty free and safe to use. You‚Äôll get a document that outlines what you can and cannot do with package. You also get a DFY license that you can give to your customers. Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†gives you¬†useful knowledge¬†and materials to profit from. You will have a chance to¬†become a master¬†in: What is¬†carb cycling¬†and how can it¬†get you in shape. How to use carb cycling to¬†burn fat & build muscle. Who can¬†benefit from carb cycling The basics of¬†embarking on a carb cycling¬†regime. The¬†differences¬†between keto and carb cycling. What you¬†can and can‚Äôt eat¬†on a carb cycling diet. How to change your¬†mental habits¬†for the better. How carb cycling can¬†promote weight loss. The¬†other benefits¬†of carb cycling beyond weight loss. The¬†important things to remember¬†when trying out carb cycling. Top tips for¬†getting started¬†with a¬†carb cycling eating plan. And so much more waiting to be uncovered inside! And I have to share my personal thought that being a¬†PLR buyer myself¬†I find¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†as the Best Deal! All you have to do is to¬†grab your copy, make a few¬†small alternatives,¬†upload¬†it to the server,¬†add some traffic¬†and start collecting your money! Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR Review¬†‚ÄstIs it worth buying? To be honest, there are clearly several reasons why you must get this PLR today. Initially, you will have an opportunity to get access to the lucrative niche. As you know,¬†Health & Fitness¬†is one of the BIGGEST niches in Clickbank, with a market worth¬†$72 Billion¬†as of 2019. You are leaving a big pile of money on the table if you are still on the fence. Besides, maybe you‚Äôve been disappointed because you bought PLR products that weren‚Äôt as expected. But with¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR, it‚Äôs will change your mind. This PLR Package is created with high standards, ensuring that you can get the most out of what you paid for and start building a real, profitable business. Even better yet, you could save numerous time from shaving off 150 hours from product creation and building high converting sales funnel from scratch. And also, you could¬†save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars from process of creating the product or perhaps MORE if you choose to outsource. So let‚Äôs buy it now and start your online business immediately. Who Should You Use It? This is the golden key for those who want to: Burn stubborn belly fats Improve muscle recovery in order to train longer with higher intensity Optimize physical performance Live a longer & healthier life Look good, feel good with the dream body! Therefore here is the list of people who I think should really buy¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss: Business Owners:¬†who want a slice of the¬†$72.7 Billion Industry. Lifestyle Coaches:¬†who are hunger for new content for their own blog or website. ANYONE:¬†who wants to leverage this PLR to set foot in the lucrative niche instantly. ANYONE:¬†who is interested in health & weight loss topics regardless of Age, Sex, Profession or Ethnicity. Pros and Cons Pros 10 Finely-Researched PLR Modules Of Weight Loss Topic Grab all high-quality content for your eBook, blog, articles, or sell it & keep all profits without all the hard work! Build your buyer list hands-free Fully integrated sales funnel with all sales material! Just push a button and sell! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Cons No Cons Found. What People Say About It Reliable vendors¬†have to have some¬†objected words¬†about¬†Yu & Carly¬†& their launches, especially¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR: THE BONUSES FROM THE AUTHOR One more thing might be important to your mind is that you can receive just¬†NUMEROUS valuable bonuses¬†from both product creator and me. This section features the creator‚Äôs bonuses which will go on well with today product. Mine, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business. Pricing Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†has¬†1¬†Front-end & 4OTOs: Front-end:¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR ($7-$9.95) (See Details) Module 01: Premium Quality¬†Ebook Module 02: Complete¬†Check List Module 03: Comprehensive¬†Mind Map Module 04: High Converting¬†Sales Page¬†&¬†Thank You Page Module 05: Hypnotizing¬†Video Sales Letter Module 06:¬†Exclusive¬†Lead Magnet Module 07: Professional¬†Landing Page Module 08: Follow-up¬†Email¬†Swipes Module 09: Stunning¬†Graphics Pack Module 10: License Certificates Fast-Action Bonus 1: PLR¬†Powerhouse Fast-Action Bonus 2: Sales Funnel¬†Hacks Fast-Action Bonus 3: Unannounced¬†Bonuses OTO1:¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR PRO Upgrade + MEGA BONUSES ($47) Downsell To¬†$27¬†(Without MEGA BONUSES) Module 1: High-Quality¬†Videos Upgrade Module 2: High-Converting¬†Upsell Page Module 3: Professional¬†Video Sales Letter Module 4: Professional Slides¬†To All Videos Module 5: Complete¬†Video Transcripts Module 6: Mp3¬†Audio Files Module 7: Exclusive PLR¬†To PRO Upgrade MEGA BONUSES OTO2:¬†Special PLR Budle Package ($97) OTO3:¬†Done For You Sales Funnel System ($77-$147) Lite Option¬†($77) Premium Option¬†($147) OTO4:¬†PLR Membership ($27-$197) Silver($27) Gold¬†($197) Note: Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love. If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well. Frequently Asked Questions How to get started with PLR? I am a newbie and I don‚Äôt know how. They‚Äôve prepared a¬†full PLR Powerhouse¬†to train you to be a¬†PLR expert¬†in no time! I‚Äôve bought lousy PLR products in the past. What makes you different? Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†is created based on¬†extensive research¬†and¬†professionally written¬†by their¬†excellent writing team¬†with vast knowledge in this specific to the topic. So expect to claim authority upon a¬†Premium PLR Package¬†with¬†exceptional contents¬†‚Äď 100% yours. Are there any hidden or on-going fees? NO. Just a¬†one-time investment¬†and you‚Äôre good to go with¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR! Conclusion Thank you so much for taking your crucial time reading my whole review. Hopefully, you would get deeper insights about this product and would somehow help you have a good choice. Believe me,¬†Carb Cycling For Weight Loss PLR¬†really is top-notch PLR package that you need to better your life and successful business. Don‚Äôt forget that the price may go up soon so you should grab the chance and make the best deal! REMEMBER!¬†If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY! http://4u-review.com/plr-carb-cycling-for-weight-loss-review/ http://4u-review.com/category/traffic-general/ http://4u-review.com/
Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Jeff Bezos Is Doing This- INTERESTED?
Funnel Base Review Autopilot Technology- Capture Testimonials, Reviews And Product Proof Hey, Just imagine you‚Äôre walking down the street and you‚Äôve got to choose between 3 pizza outlets. First has zero customers, second has 15 and third has 35 and a long queue waiting for their chance. Which one do you trust to have the best pizza? Simple, the third one only as it has MORE customers. That‚Äôs the power of social proof. They‚Äôre the ultimate business growth ignitors that let you take advantage by sending automated review requests on your website, through email and even on social media. You can show these as product reviews or star ratings and so much more and you control all your social proof from one central dashboard. Funnel Base is an amazing platform that lets you manage your social proof easily. It lets you send automated product review requests from your site, through Email, and even on social media‚Ķand so much more‚Ķ Funnel Base is this easy to set up- 1) Log in to Funnel Base. 2) Create a funnel using our newbie-friendly, step by step wizard. 3) Add just one line of code to any page or integration. (we show you how) 4) Funnel Base starts displaying powerful social proof that breeds even more social proof. 5) You will be reaping the benefit of increased conversions, leads and sales all from free traffic. Taking advantage of social proof has never been easier, so grab it today before the price goes up! You will be amazed at what Funnel Base will do for you and for your business. Please keep reading my Funnel Base Review for further details. Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Product Overview CreatorCindy DonovanProductFunnel BaseLaunch Date2020-Feb-25Launch Time09:00 ESTOfficial websiteClick hereFront-End Price$27BonusesYes,¬†Huge BonusesSkillAll LevelsGuarantee30 Day Money Back GuaranteeNicheTool & SoftwareSupport–ēff–Ķ—Āt—Ėv–Ķ R–Ķ—ē—Ä–ĺn—ē–ĶRecommendHighly recommend! Funnel Base Review ‚Äď What Is Funnel Base? Funnel base is a SaaS platform with which you are able to send automated product review requests through email, on site as well as social media ‚ÄĒ after that display them as star ratings, product reviews and more importantly in a stunning, instantly live, animated and completely customisable widget. These social proof boosters can be displayed anywhere on your website giving a more targeted customer experience and adding massive social proof for higher sales conversions. Another incredible thing about Funnel Base is that, you can actually coordinate it with anything, when you start from WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and much more. However, in the event that you use WordPress, their reward will make it much simpler by simply interfacing, activating and afterward showing. There are 14 different high impact conversion campaign types available: Social Proof, Latest Conversion, Customer Review, Conversions Counter, Live Counter, Leads Capture, Email Collector, Request Collector, Countdown Collector, Users Retention, Scratch Coupon, Social Share, Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback, Info Marketing, Video, Informational, Cookies Alerts So don‚Äôt hesitate to check out the next parts of this Funnel Base Review as I‚Äôll show you how powerful it is! Funnel Base Review ‚Äď About The Author The charming lady behind this is¬†Cindy Donovan, who is a¬†gratefully¬†successful internet marketer. In the¬†13+ years of online marketing, she has developed multiple award-winning software tools and¬†been blessed to help over 100,000 customers find easier, faster and better ways to market online. Some great products launched by this talented female vendor are ¬†Hammock Suite, Traffic Ivy,¬†DFY Hero,¬†Funnel Joy, Videtar, Drop Gecko, Soci Jam, Pixly Pro, Convert Commissions, WP Blazer Suite, Viral Loop, and many more. After carefully testing many business models over the years and listening to many of her customers, she decided to build¬†Funnel Base which can be considered the simplest, most reliable way to building a solid, legitimate online business. Roll down to see all the features in this platform. Cindy has based in IM world for 5 years, she and her team have created many tools and softwares, they get a lot of compliments from their users and always thousands of copies were sold out for each: Funnel Base Review ‚Äď Features and benefits There are 4 main types of booster you can monetize with the help of Funnel Base BOOSTER TYPE #1: PROOF When you think of¬†social proof widgets, this is the most common type you‚Äôll see on many of the high traffic websites, like Amazon or even many popular JVZoo products. You‚Äôll see an¬†animated popup,¬†displaying the details of a¬†verified customer or person who has signed up. What‚Äôs a little less common, that you‚Äôll now be able to do ‚Äď is to display reviews, randomizing between star ratings or written testimonials ‚Äď or even¬†video testimonials recorded directly in the person‚Äôs browser. BOOSTER TYPE#2: LEADS With¬†Funnel Base, you can place stunning optin forms in your widget, designed to match your website. You can even add¬†countdown timers for extra urgency. Or if you‚Äôd like to build a list of mobile phone numbers you can do that too, which is perfect for offline clients and local businesses. BOOSTER TYPE#3: RETENTION It helps you get people to your site and make them want to stay there using these highly engaging retention tools. Set up a¬†scratch and win campaign¬†that works as an interactive sales booster. Then prompt people to share your page with the¬†social share¬†selection. Or if you want to get really good results, use the¬†emoji feedback¬†or¬†score feedback¬†types. BOOSTER TYPE#4: INFORMATION Want a fast popup, encouraging people to click¬†and take action? Then this is for you!¬†You can use these to¬†advertise a special download, an affiliate promotion or display a video¬†too.¬† Or, if you need a¬†cookie notification¬†or to add some more information to engage people at exactly the right time then you‚Äôll love these information options.¬† And the huge benefits come up with: Complete Beginner Friendly Software! Extremely beginner friendly and easy to use, even if you‚Äôve never done anything online ever before! Stunning Ready-To-Go Templates: Speed up your results using our perfectly crafted, high converting templates ready with a single click 100% Cloudbased & Fully Hosted:¬†There‚Äôs nothing to install or fuss with. Just one line of code and a simple dashboard to manage it all 14 Inbuilt Proof Types: Giving you all of the resources you need to make every part of this system work for you, to use as much as you like Automate Reviews, Traffic & Sales:¬†Capture emails and reviews. Display testimonials and social proof with absolute ease 5000+ FB Community & Easy Training: Unlock the full potential of this software, seeing live case studies and getting real feedback & guidance Full Integration With Other Apps: Funnel Base¬†perfectly works with many popular apps such as¬†Zapier,¬†Cloudflare, Wix, Joomla, GoDaddy, Clickfunnels, WordPress, Podia, Shopify, PayPal,¬†etc. You can connect to virtually¬†any service online. If you can‚Äôt make it work, they‚Äôll teach you how. How Does Funnel Base Work? To start profiting by using¬†Funnel Base, you only need to carry out the super simple process consisting of 3 simple steps: Step 1:¬†Log in Step 2:¬†Add an available script code and start making campaign Step 3: Customize your campaign See, even beginners can carry out these easy steps! If you still feel confused with Funnel Base, you can watch the demo video below: Who Should Use Funnel Base? With¬†Funnel Base, whatever you‚Äôre doing online, it has the perfect function to make it better, easier and much more profitable than before. In my opinion, it‚Äôs a genuinely perfect solution for those who belong to the list below: eCom store owners: Sending automated emails to your customers asking them to leave reviews explodes your know/like/trust factor Digital product owners: Displaying¬†sales notification, with names, photos, location ‚Äď and even the specific product names automatically Local business owners: Showing notices about what they‚Äôre doing in-store, or using it to capture emails and get people on their lists Social media marketers: Growing their brand, their authority, interaction and reach by adding just one line of code In fact, anyone, in any niche or target market can use this to get more sign-ups, more traffic and convert more curious visitors into buyers. PROS AND CONS PROS One line of code to your page for almost limitless display options Incredible increases in engagement, social proof and conversions Social proof for any funnel page, bonus page, ecom store, website and more Easy and smart way to improve and prove your success Automatically capture testimonials, reviews and product proof Automatically capture emails and display optin and sales proof from your site Simple/beautiful setup wizard, no tech skills needed Many one-click integration options including Zapier, Shopify, JVzoo, Autoresponders & more Powerful (verifiable) social proof to improve sales, trust and conversion on your site using existing customers Add CTA‚Äôs, email optin forms and more to your pages too Use any review as and advert or post on social CONS I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet. Funnel Base Review¬†‚ÄstIs it worth buying? Funnel Base¬†lets you manage your¬†social proof¬†easily by adding just one line of code to your page for almost endless display options on any¬†funnel page,¬†bonus¬†page,¬†eCommerce¬†store,¬†website¬†and more. This is a truly smart way to make¬†incredible increases¬†in engagement, social proof, and conversions. It has never been easier to automatically capture¬†testimonials, reviews, product proof, and display them on your site. No tech skills needed. Do you know what is the¬†second part¬†people usually read after going through the feature part? Yes, it‚Äôs the testimonial. Because they are not likely to become the¬†first person¬†to experiences a product or service. So,¬†Funnel Base¬†is absolutely the¬†ultimate way¬†to show your buyers¬†powerful¬†verifiable¬†social proof¬†to improve¬†sales, trust¬†and¬†conversion¬†on your site using¬†existing customers. You can use¬†any review as an advert¬†or post on social. Your reviews are not only seen by your prospects progressively but also are delivered in¬†the most professional ways. As a result, you will easily obtain¬†more trust¬†through the reviews‚Äô content as well as their appearance. Like I said above, there are¬†14 campaign types¬†for you to use, and you can even¬†mix them together¬†so they won‚Äôt be boring and out-of-dated. Just¬†less than $1 a day¬†and receive back¬†huge revenue¬†over and over again, it is nothing more than a¬†profitable deal¬†for you. Funnel Base¬†is exactly what you‚Äôve been looking out to¬†live your dream life¬†and enjoy the¬†lifestyle¬†you deserve. One more thing might be important to your mind is that you can receive just¬†NUMEROUS valuable bonuses¬†from both product creator and me. This section features the creator‚Äôs bonuses which will go on well with today product. Mine, which are divided into different types, are presented in the last section. So that after you already understand the product, you can by the way pick something helpful for your business. Add On #1:¬†Insta-Ad Traffic Booster If you want an almost¬†unfair advantage¬†over your competition, you‚Äôll LOVE this bonus addon. Funnel Base¬†will¬†capture reviews,¬†testimonials¬†and more and with this addon, you‚Äôll be able to click a button and turn each of these into a¬†ready-to-use advert. Social proof is the¬†most powerful form¬†of social media advertising. With this addon, you‚Äôll be able to¬†leverage each review¬†and¬†rating¬†for¬†viral advertising¬†ready at the click of your mouse. Your ads are¬†beautifully formatted¬†and¬†ready to go¬†for most advertising platforms including¬†Facebook, Instagram, Twitter¬†and many more. Don‚Äôt write ads¬†ever again! Get¬†Funnel Base¬†today and you‚Äôll get this bonus added to your account totally free. Add On #2:¬†Interactive Workshop Bonus Launch Exclusive Making your funnels is easy, you can have yours active in moments, literally anywhere you‚Äôre already getting traffic and want¬†more sales. But what if you‚Äôre just starting online? Or if you‚Äôve been trying to make money for a while, but never really sure where to start? That‚Äôs where our bonus training event comes in! To give you the best¬†Funnel Base¬†start, you‚Äôll receive an¬†exclusive invite¬†into their fully interactive¬†14-day challenge program. It begins on¬†March 5th¬†and takes you step-by-step through¬†setting up an entire campaign, giving you a LOT of¬†bonuses,¬†high-value¬†software tools, done-for-you¬†resources¬†and more. Each day you‚Äôll receive amazing¬†resources, gifts & a short training¬†video, showing you exactly how to make the most of¬†Funnel Base¬†even if you‚Äôve never done anything like this before. Many members who‚Äôve taken part in the challenges before have gone on to earn their first dollars online, with¬†more experienced marketers¬†equally as excited, discovering cutting edge techniques and receiving many¬†valuable gifts¬†along the way. This is a free,¬†Funnel Base¬†member-only, community event¬†you‚Äôll be raving about for years to come. There is¬†NO high selling pitch¬†or product they‚Äôre pushing you to buy. Everything you need is given to you as part of their training. and more: Pricing For a limited time, you can grab Funnel Base with early bird discount price in these options below. Let‚Äôs pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone! Front-end: Funnel Base ($27) Option 1: Funnel Base Starter Pack: $27 Option 2: Funnel Base Deluxe: $27-$37 (price increasing over launch) Let‚Äôs see below to know the differences between the two options: Well, I really like this app because it enables me to make a killing without having to fork out a fortune for anything. Plus,¬†Funnel Base¬†offers you a¬†30-day money-back policy. So, if you think that Funnel Base is not the right tool for your business, just send an email to the producer and get your refunds!¬† And, you should buy¬†Funnel Base¬†now because the price will go up soon. Launch Pricing Schedule: Tues, 25th Feb. Day 1 9am: Earlybird Is Live ‚Äď FE Standard Licence starting at¬†$27.00 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.17 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.23¬† Wed, 26th Feb. Day 2 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.27 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.47 Thurs, 27th Feb. Day 3 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.57 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.67¬† Fri, 28th Feb Day 4 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.87¬† 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.97¬† Sat, 29th Feb Day 5 (Leap Day Special! Price Lock For 24hrs) 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$27.97¬† 11:59 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$28.97¬† Sun, 1st March. Day 6 8:00 pm: Price Increase =>¬†$29.47¬† 11:59 pm PT: end of launch ... $67.00¬†‚Ķ $20 coupon code¬†SAVE20¬†(making price $47.00) One week later Morning ‚Ķ post launch pricing, coupon will no longer work ‚Ķ¬†$67.00 OTO 1: Premium Upgrade ($17.97/m ‚Äď $37.97/m)¬† <<Click Here To Read More>> This is your ultimate, never-before-released opportunity to pay one time and lock in benefits that will pay off for years to come. Upgrade To 25 Added Funnels You‚Äôll be able to add 25 extra websites to your account, where you can add as many Funnel Base widgets to (this is in addition to either 1 or 5 you purchased on the last page) Unlock Unlimited Campaigns Add your choice of campaigns to each of your funnels. Create and display as many on each page as you like, pointing out different features or reviews as they scroll down the page ‚Äď or a different one when they try exit your site Send 150 Automated Review Requests Automated emails go out asking people to review a product they just bought. This is the real ‚Äėjuice‚Äô of Amazon‚Äôs success. You‚Äôll be able to automate sending to more people without having to write a single email. Display 50,000 Widget Impressions With the current level of membership you have, your widgets will display up to 5,000 times a month before they stop showing. This upgrade will ensure they‚Äôre always doing their job so you get the maximum value out of every visitor who arrives on your page OTO 2: Agency License ($67.97/m or $97.97/m) <<Click Here To Read More>> Create Campaigns & Sell Them As A Service.¬†If you can show a business a clear way to turn $50 into $100, there are very few business owners who would turn down that offer‚Ķ Funnel Base makes setting up an ongoing service on a website easy ‚Äď so they‚Äôll have a continuous flow of reviews and fresh customer generated praise on their sites. You just need to add the single line of code‚Ķ Funnel Base Agency level opens up new avenues for you to do this on more sites and even let YOU add your own logo (or charge a premium, to brand it with their own) 100 Funnels:¬†Install Funnel Base on more websites Unlimited Campaigns:¬†Different types of widgets and variations you‚Äôre able to create in each of your funnels 2500 Review Requests:¬†Number of people automated emails will go to, requesting reviews 250,000 Widget Impressions:¬†Number of times popups can display each month Funnel Base Review Conclusion In conclusion, this is a must-have in any online marketers‚Äô toolkits. Social proof is becoming an essential part of gain customers‚Äô trusts and we all know no trusts mean no sales. I know you have many options out there to do the task but¬†Funnel Base offers the simplest, craziest and most effective method which both saves time and money in the market now. Especially, your small investment is fully protected by the¬†100% money back policy within the first 30 days of your purchase. Believe me, giving¬†Funnel Base a chance to prove itself to you means you are giving yourself a chance to get closed to the success. REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or can not contact with the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!
73% of cyber attacks occur on Microsoft Office products
Microsoft Office products were the most commonly exploited by cybercriminals around the world and nearly 73 percent of cyber exploits were performed in MS Office products in the third quarter of this year, a new report has said. According to information gathered by PreciseSecurity.com, other exploited applications by cybercriminals included browsers and operating systems, among others. ‚ÄúData shows that exactly 72.85 percent of cyber exploits were performed in MS Office products as of the third quarter of this year,‚ÄĚ Marco Mathew from the computer security website said in a statement on Wednesday. MS Office products were followed by Browsers with 13.47 percent of the total number of exploits by cybercriminals, Android with 9.09 percent, Java with 2.36 percent, Adobe Flash with 1.57 percent and PDF with 0.66 percent. Some of the most common vulnerabilities in MS office.com/setup were related to stack overflow errors in the Equation Editor application. Other vulnerabilities were CVE-2017-8570, CVE-2017-8759, and CVE-2017-0199, among others. Another important vulnerability was related to a zero-day issue CVE-2019-1367 that produced memory corruption and allowed remote code execution on the target system, the report mentioned. The top five countries that are sources of web-based attacks include the US with 79.16 percent of the market share, followed by the Netherlands with 15.58 percent, Germany with 2.35 percent, France with 1.85 percent and Russia 1.05 percent. In computer security, an exploit makes reference to individuals such as hackers or criminals that make use and take advantage of a bug or vulnerability in a specific software or computer program.