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Hi chingus apparently I've been away for a long while i was all taken with heirs and while it ended i just felt depressed and distracted a bit with my new page on facebook "The Hallyu Style" ... well i won't talk a lot but i missed u all and i'll do my best to come back with more beautiful cards for now i wish u all a Goodmorning, Goodevening and Goodnight <3 <3 <3
@saharhyunjoong thanks always chatting with u make me happy
@ christy h3hehe ok unnie i will comfort yaaa ;-) dont worry
@saharhyunjoong I already have daily action drama with my horrible boss so always looking for drama comfort me
@christy unnie u dont like action fighting i love it hehes i missed action sooo muchhh sooo happy 2 c my oppa doing action after daejang oppa second best action pack hottie is in town and mee iss loving it sooo muchhh bcs i missed it sooo muchh action and blood and fierce fighting after faith like crazy hahas happy 2 c my opppa back in action :-)♥
@saharhyunjoong ahhh I like dark skin and me too have a dark skin. KHJ acting skills is accurate but the drama full of blood and fighting scenes. But sure I will keep watching and support him always
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