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If I Told You That I Loved You, Tell Me, What Would You Say? [Yanan Oneshot - Part One]

Title: If I Told You That I Loved You, Tell Me, What Would You Say?
Notes: The oneshot is based off the song 'The Beach' by The Neighbourhood
Main Characters: Hwang Haein (OC), Yan An, Yeo Changgu (Yeo One)
Other Characters: Chang Seungyeon (CLC), Ko Shinwon
Pairings: HaeinxYanan, HaeinxChanggu
Genre: Romance, Angst, Comedy
Word Count: 11,547
(because Vingle won't allow this big of a card I am splitting this into two parts!)
Maybe sometimes you need to take a break from falling in love first, especially with the same type of person over and over again and let yourself fall in love with someone who liked you first. Who knows that person may not even be your type or even on your radar at all. Take a break, let someone approach you instead of you approaching them.
Hwang Haein has a habit of falling in love with assholes. Will that ever change?



Story Cover:

My eyes linger on him from the opposite end of the table. Every day at lunch I’d put myself through the torture of staring at him from afar. Yeo Changgu, my crush of a couple months now sat at the end of the table, the corners of his mouth turned upright into one of his beautiful eye-blinding smiles. He was someone who was out of reach for someone like me.

It wasn’t like I was shy or anything, because I wasn’t. I wasn’t terribly outgoing either though. I was in between. Sometimes I liked when attention was on me and sometimes I didn’t.

But that’s one thing I wouldn’t ever get from Changgu. His attention. It was like I didn’t even exist in his world. His eyes have never met mine; he’s never spoken to me even though the both of us were in the same class.

Him and his group of friends were very popular. The three of them were ridiculously handsome.

Ko Shinwon, a tall boy who almost never wore his uniform properly, who also happened to have the title of a player even though he’s been on and on and off again relationship with the same girl for years now. I would never go out of my way to hang out with him for his looks were intimidating.

Yan An, another tall lanky boy who’s looks could earn him the title model of the year. He started out as an exchange student at our school freshman year and hasn’t left since. People sometimes called him “Legs” because of how long they were. He was someone I avoided due to him being my seatmate of two years. I originally needed to make a good impression on him in order to look good in Changgu’s eyes but there have been many times where Yanan has seen a side of me no one should ever see. So, I’ve concluded that avoiding him was best.

But neither of them compared to Yeo Changgu. At first, I had no interest in the boy but during the summer of this year he and I happened to be at the same summer camp where I learned he likes to write songs, sing, and play the guitar.

I almost didn’t even register it was him. It was one in the morning and everyone else was asleep. I snuck out to use the bathroom and I stumbled upon him sitting on the staircase that lead to the boy’s dorms.

I stayed perched on the top stair as I listened to him continue to play forgetting that I had to pee. He never knew I heard him play till this day. But it still kind of felt like a special moment the two of us shared, even if he didn't know it.

“Yah.” My best friend Chang Seungyeon sits down at the table across from me.

I tear my gaze from Changgu to look at her.

“You’re so obvious Hwang Haein.” She chuckles. “I don’t know how he hasn’t noticed yet.”

I lower my head. “I think I would die if he did notice.”

She sighs, pushing her hair over her shoulders so she can eat. “You don’t even really know him that well, how can you be in this deep for him?”

I pout. “Don’t bad mouth him.”

She picks up her chopsticks glancing over at him. “But it’s true, I’ve heard rumors that he’s a complete asshole.”

“Those are just rumors.” I murmur under my breath.

Seungyeon snorts. “Ah, so you know him personally then and can debunk those rumors?”

I bite my lip lower my gaze back to tray. “Well no.”

“Didn’t think so. Plus, I know your type Haein, you always end up falling for assholes.” She picks around at her food.

I shiver thinking back to my ex’s. She was unfortunately right, I for some reason always end up with asshole guys.

But Changgu was different. My eyes linger back over to said boy, he was on his phone now messing around. He would be different from the others. My eyes dart away as he lifts his head up to turn towards Shinwon, my eyes catch on Yanan’s as I turn away.

Fuck, I quickly stand up causing Seungyeon to jump at my sudden movement. She places her chopsticks down and her nose scrunches up letting me know she was confused.

“I uh-gotta go.” I tell her, to which she sends me an odd look.

“But I’m not done eating yet!” She whines gesturing towards her half-eaten tray.

“I’m sorry!” I jog off.

Fuck my life. Had Yanan noticed me staring at Changgu? That’s the last thing I need right now.


In class I lay my head down on my desk wishing it was the end of the day and that I could go home or that aliens would come and abduct Yanan so I could avoid him. But I’m not that lucky, I feel him sit down next to me and let out a sigh.

I desperately try to make it seem like I’m sleeping so he doesn’t bother me. That’s my logic, if I don’t let him question me about being caught staring at his best friend, he won’t know I have a crush.

I may never get Changgu’s attention, but I will forever have Seungyeon’s. Unfortunately. She comes stomping up to my desk.

“Yah, Hwang Haein.” She scoffs, poking me on the cheek. “Why’d you leave me alone back there?”

“I think she must be feeling unwell.” Yanan’s voice answers for me. I keep my eyes screwed shut. Yes, keep on believing that.

Seungyeon snorts. “I’ve known her my whole life, I can tell when she’s fake sleeping.” She nudges me and it was beginning to be hard pretending to sleep. “Yah, Hwang Haein, don’t you ignore me!” There have been many moments where I’ve thought Chang Seungyeon was placed on this earth just to embarrass me, but this next one has to top them all.

She shoves me a little harder than I think she had intended to since I heard her gasp at the amount of force she put into it. My eyes fly open as I tumble out of my seat, I make quick work of my legs trying to get them under me properly, but they get tangled up with the legs of my chair and I fall between Yanan’s chest and his desk into his lap.

His arms are quick to keep me from falling any further, but I don’t even notice since my cheeks are burning red and not because of Yanan. It was because for the first time since I’ve started crushing on Yeo Changgu his eyes were on me. He was standing at the entrance to the classroom, a bread bun in his hand which was paused on the way to his mouth. The first time he looked at me had to be when I was sprawled out across his best friend’s lap.

“Are you okay?” Yanan asks, his voice too close to my ear. I quickly look away from Changgu to scramble out of Yanan’s lap.

“I’m fine.” I mutter under my breath turning to glare at Seungyeon.

“I’m sorry!” She quickly says running off to her desk next to Choi Yujin, her seatmate since freshman year. The two somehow always got placed next to each other.

She was lucky and I was not. I lie my head back down groaning to myself.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Yanan asks poking me lightly with what feels like his pencil.

I wanted to groan once again. No matter how much I avoided him he was always still going out of his way to make conversation with me. I didn’t understand it whatsoever.

He’s literally seen me in some of my worst moments. The top three instances being, the one day I ate way too much at lunch and almost shit myself in class because the teacher wouldn’t excuse me to the restroom. I felt so sorry for the boy it had to smell awful around me since I was desperately trying to hold it in. Two, the day I fell asleep on the area where are two desks meet and drooled all over his notes. Three, the one day when I missed my usual bus with Seungyeon due to it being my cleaning duty day so I had to take the next one, I wasn’t prepared for the weather and a huge gust of wind blew my skirt up flashing him, I was wearing the most embarrassing kitten underwear too. He claimed he didn’t see anything, but he was just being polite.

That’s how he always was. Nice, polite, helpful, it was infuriating since I wanted to dislike him so bad but I, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t.

So, I swallow my pride like always and lift my head to look at him. “I’m fine, really, I promise.”

He smiles softly. “Okay just making sure.”

I bite my lip. “Are you okay? I landed on you.”

He giggles quietly, I hadn’t ever heard him do that before. It was surprisingly cute. “I’m okay.”

“Hey, Yanan.” My eyes widen at the voice, Yanan definitely notices too. Changgu comes up to his desk, his eyes on Yanan not even glancing at me. I swallow and turn away slightly hurt. Even though his best friend sat next to me he’s never acknowledged me. Not even as a classmate.

Yanan hums. “Yeah?”

I let my hands join on top of my desk as their conversation continues.

“Since Shinwon and Seohyun have broken up again we’re going to a group meeting (a group blind date), Shinwon claims they are all really hot, you in?” Changgu states happily, my hands grip tighter onto one another.

“No.” Yanan replies, to which Changgu whines sitting down in the seat in front of us.

“Come on Yanan, you never go, can’t you just come once?” He begs, out of the corner of my eyes I see him grab onto Yanan’s hands. “There’s one girl who seems really interested in you, come on.” Changgu’s lip pokes out into a pout. “I hear she likes you a lot, she’d probably drop her pants for you in a heartbeat.”

I roll my eyes at his comment holding back my scoff. This is the sad part about most guys, even Changgu fell victim to sexual desires. I can’t say I blame him since he’s a teenage boy and his hormones have to be running rampant, but it still sucked to hear him say that.

“You don’t even have to like her or even see her again after tonight.” Changgu smirks.

“No.” Yanan replies and I’m shocked at his reply after the offer that was put on the table. But then again, maybe he was just busy tonight?

Changgu sighs leaning closer to my seatmate his voice lowered to a whisper but even then, I could still hear word for word what he said. “You know if it’s because of the fact that you’re a virgin, I doubt she’ll even notice, she’s the perfect girl to finally lose it to. Come on, Yanan, you haven’t dated a girl yet.”

I try to not react to what Changgu had said but I was honestly shocked. The three of them were like supermodels, I thought it was almost a given that they’d all be super experienced in those certain areas.

“It’s not because of that!” Yanan grumbles quietly obviously slightly embarrassed by what he had said.

“Then why?” Changgu huffs crossing his arms over his chest.

“Can we maybe talk about this some other time?” Yanan remarks, I’m sure he made some sort of gesture towards me, but I had glanced away to stare at the back of Seungyeon’s head, my fingers fidgeting together hoping they hadn’t noticed I had heard every single thing they had just said.

“Please just rethink your decision!” Changgu says, the chair he was in screeching as he leaves. The bell finally rings for class to start and I for once thank god for it.


The next day during my study hall I sat in the library, I was scrolling through the English dictionary hoping it would help be during my English exam next week. Someone sits down across from me and I sigh, all these empty seats and they choose the one right in front of me?

The person clears their throat and I roll my eyes. I glance up and make eye contact with Yanan who was leaning onto the table staring straight at me.

I blink towards him confused. “What?”

He awkwardly scratches at his left sideburn, “Um, can we talk?”

“About?” I rest my chin in my hand ready to hear what he’s gonna say.

He closes his eyes seeming embarrassed. “Um, about yesterday?”

I would’ve thought for sure he’d bring up that fact that he knew I liked Changgu but the fact that I overheard that he was a virgin seemed to outweigh that.

I decided to play dumb, he has politely pretended to not hear or see tons of stuff when it came to me so it’s the least I could do. “What about yesterday?”

He runs a hand over his face glancing around the room. He quickly stands up and moves to sit beside me. “About what Changgu said, about me, you know.” He gestures out into the air awkwardly.

“About the blind date that you didn’t want to go on?” I raise an eyebrow pretending to be confused.

“Er, well, what he said afterwards.” He swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing up then down, fingers nervously fiddling with the strings of his sweatshirt.

I shrug. “I zoned out after that.”

He squints towards me like he was trying to read me when he notices I don’t crack a smile or laugh he hums. “Oh.”

“Why was it something I wasn’t supposed to hear?” I ask, closing the English dictionary.

He leans back in his chair. “It was just something personal, that’s all.”

Huh, so the boy really was a virgin?

“I see.” I hum, the conversation going silent.

“Do you like Changgu?” Yanan says softly, my head whips towards him. He wasn’t looking at me, but at his lap.

I take a deep breath and let it out. “Yeah, at this point I think he’s the only one who hasn’t noticed.”

He sits up a bit running a hand through his hair. “Why do you like him?” His eyes darting over to me.

I shrug slightly, “I just do, I guess.” I didn’t want to tell him I had heard Changgu sing or play the guitar because it was something personal to me. Something I felt was special between the two of us. Even though I had told Seungyeon about it, though it took weeks for me to tell her that.

Yanan bites his lip seemingly having an internal conversation with himself. “For how long?”

I didn’t see why this mattered.

“For a couple months now.” I awkwardly glance down at my lap. “Can you not tell him? I’d rather him hear from me than from someone else. Especially since he doesn’t even seem to know who I am.”

He pats my arm. “I won’t tell him.”

I smile up towards him. “Thank you.”

I go to stand up to return the dictionary to its shelf whenever Yanan grabs by wrist. “Um, I can help you, I can help you get closer to him.”

I glance down at Yanan’s fingers that were wrapped around my wrist. “Why would you do that for me?”

Yanan’s eyes dart up to mine, his lips slowly turn into a smile, one that doesn’t quite feel like it’s genuine but then again, I didn’t really know him that well. “Because I want to be friends with you, that’s why.”

I snort at his answer as his fingers leave my wrist. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have his best friend help me out.”

“Friend.” Yanan emphasizes correcting me. “We’re just friends, not best friends.”

I squint towards him; I wasn’t aware the two of them weren’t as close as I thought.

“Okay.” I put my hand out for him to shake to which he shakes lightly.


Yanan took the words friends literally. He talked more often to me during the day. At lunch after I sat down in my usual seat, he sat down beside me instead of his usual seat across from Changgu.

“Yah.” I glance at him.

“What?” He says innocently.

“Why aren’t you sitting with Changgu?” I gesture towards his old seat.

He shrugs. “Didn’t you want him to notice you?”

I wasn’t sure if this was how he’d notice me but okay.

A few minutes pass by and the amount of attention that’s on me is almost unbearable. My eyes land on Shinwon’s back in the lunch line and I knew it would be seconds before Changgu and him would be at our table.

I swallow as the two of them exit the lunch line. Their eyes are immediately on Yanan. I lower my head picking up my chopsticks to move around the grains of rice on my tray.

“Yanan, why are sitting down here?” Shinwon is the one to speak up when they pass our table.

I felt Yanan shrug. “I wanted to sit next to Haein today.”

Shinwon snorts. “Haeun?” Shinwon says my name wrong. “Since when have you two been close?”

Changgu hums. “They are seatmates, aren’t they? It’s a given that they are on friendly terms.”

My heart stutters in my chest. So, he recognized me. I glance up at the two, Shinwon was staring at me but Changgu was already walking to his usual seat.

Seungyeon comes rushing up to her seat across from me and comes to complete stop at seeing Yanan sitting next to me. She sends me a look and I just gesture for her to sit down. I hadn’t told her that he knew about my crush so I’m sure she’s confused as fuck.

She sits down and stares at Yanan who finally looks up to see her. He nods politely. "Hello, Seungyeon."

"Hey, Yanan?" She replies still confused. "Um, I don't mean to be rude but why are you sitting here?"

He shrugs a smile playing out on his face. "We're friends now, so you'll be seeing a lot more of me. I hope the three of us can become really close."

She snorts playfully, she wasn't hard to please, when she was hungry anyways. "Alright then, I'll take your word for it."


Seungyeon and I sat at a coffee shop a few days later, she had finally gotten me alone to question me about Yanan. But she wouldn't have too long since Yanan was meeting us here later.

"So, what's up with you and Yanan?" She sips on her favorite, a mango dragonfruit refresher.

I shrug, "He said he'd help me get noticed by Changgu, plus he wants to be friends. He's nice so it's not terrible."

She slowly nods. "I mean he is your seatmate; it's always been a little weird that you two haven't been somewhat close." She sits her drink down and sighs. "Plus, I agree he is really nice, I just hope he isn't in this to embarrass you."

I shake my head, stirring my own drink, an iced white chocolate mocha. "I really don't think he's that type of guy."

She hums nodding her head to agree with me. "Yeah, I guess I agree, he usually keeps to himself and I haven't heard any terrible rumors about him. I mean other than he's a player, but I mean I feel like all handsome guys have that rumor about that."

I knew for a fact he wasn't a player, or well, at least I think I did. I guess he could still be playing with people's feelings, just not sleeping with them. But since we are becoming friends, I will not judge him or think badly of him.

The jingle of the door to the coffee shop sounds as Yanan steps inside his eyes roaming the place. I raise my hand to wave him over and he smiles waving back before walking over to sit down next to me. His brown hair was a mess from the wind outside, making him look less perfect and put together like he usually was. He was dressed in casual clothes instead of his school uniform, his shirt was wrinkled in some places. It was nice to be able to see a different side of him.

After he orders his own drink the three of us fall into conversation very easily. It was like we had already been friends for years. Seungyeon seems to genuienly not mind him either. Which is great because she doesn't usually become friends with people easily, or in other words she doesn't trust easily. Whereas I was the complete opposite, I wanted to believe that everyone in the world was a good person and that they were never after ulterior motives. You'd think I'd learn to change my way of thinking after dating asshole after asshole, but I didn't.

"So, do you have a girlfriend?" Seungyeon asks Yanan, which draws me out of my thoughts. I glance at him as he laughs awkwardly. "Sorry if that's too forward, but you know as friends we tend to ask these things. I'm really in the need for some girl talk, mind joining in?"

"No, I don't have one and sure I'll join in." He shakes his head, eyes darting to me for half a second. Was he remembering that I could've overheard what Changgu said?

"I'm surprised you don't, girls seem to really like you." She has a weird look in her eyes, one that was mischievous. "What is your type then? Mine is someone who's kind, but very outgoing, I like someone who's honest."

"Uh, well-." He rubs awkwardly at his messed up black hair.

"I'll say mine first." I offer, so he can think up what he wants to say.

Seungyeon snorts. "I already know yours; assholes are your type."

I roll my eyes slapping her hand. "No, it's not! I like someone who's tall but not too tall, someone who is talkative, someone on the swim team, can play the guitar and sing, oh and I really like blonde hair." I would kill to see Changgu dye his hair blonde.

"So, Changgu." Seungyeon deadpans. "Moving on." She glances at Yanan who sighs.

He clears his throat. "My type is someone who's bright and has a kind personality, with medium-length black hair, who can seem shy but then later be surprisingly outgoing, someone who is dedicated and caring. Someone who isn't going to let past experiences bring them down."

I nod slowly at his words. His type sounds like a nice girl. My eyes raise to Seungyeon who's staring at Yanan her eyebrow raised. Was she not impressed by his type or something? I glance at Yanan and I catch his head turning away from me to look at the floor. What is going on?

Seungyeon clears her throat her eyes darting to me. "That was somewhat specific." I am so lost.

Yanan shrugs. "I guess."


From: Yanan
To: Haein
I got Changgu to dye his hair blonde for you.

I snort at the text I got from Yanan, he didn't have to do that. But I wasn't going to complain about it.

From: Yanan
To: Haein
He made me dye mine too, my poor hair. :.(


On Monday I am met with the beautiful blonde Yeo Changgu as he walks into class. My heart swirls at the sight, I really needed to thank Yanan for this. He looked absolutely stunning. He walks up to Shinwon who immediately compliments the new hair color.

"If I had known having blonde hair would make the girls drool even more over me, I would've done it long before now." Changgu says, his expression smug and confident. "I wonder if Han Chaeyoung will finally spend the night with me once she sees this?" He runs a hand through his hair, and I sigh turning away as Seungyeon sits on top of my desk.

"He's really disgusting." She rolls her eyes, her arms crossing over her chest. "Where's Yanan?"

I glance at his empty seat. "I'm not sure? He's usually here by now?"

Yanan doesn't show up for school at all that day, it felt odd and lonely without my seatmate because Yanan never missed school. So that's how I found myself at his place after school. My hand forming into a fist to knock on his door. Shortly after a woman is answering the door, she bore a great resemblance to the boy I was looking for so I easily knew she was his mother. So, this is where he gets his looks from, she was absolutely beautiful.

"Hello?" She states a small smile forming on her face as she notices my uniform was the same as her son's. Her smile was a little different than Yanan's but not by much.

"Um, hi, I am Yanan's friend and seat-mate at school. I just-he never misses so I wanted to make sure he was okay." I manage to get out of my mouth. Her beauty was almost intimidating.

She chuckles under her breath. "He's just sick, that's all. Would you like to come in?"

I shake my head no. "Oh no, that's okay."

"Ah, don't be shy. Come in, I'm sure he'd be glad a friend came to check on him." She opens the door wider and I'm left with no choice but to enter. Once inside I slip my shoes off and she sits out a pair of gray slippers for me to slip on. "Yanan's never had a friend over before, I'm very glad to finally meet one of you."

I stand up straight once I've got the slippers on. I'm the first friend he's had over? But what about Changgu or Shinwon?

"Oh, it's very nice to meet you too. You are very beautiful." I blurt out. Oh god, Haein why?

She chuckles. "You're funny, I'm flattered but I'm old. You are much more beautiful than I am-." She pauses glancing back at me. "What is your name dear?"

I quickly bow, how rude was I to not introduce myself before now. Dear god. "Oh, I'm Hwang Haein, ma'am."

She hums. "Hwang Haein." I raise from my bow to see her smiling wide. "I've heard a lot about you."

She has?

"Follow me." She waves her hand, so I follow her. My eyes roaming the portraits on the wall of Yanan's family. They were all three beautiful, how did they get so lucky?

She stops by a partially closed door. "This is Yanan's room, you can go ahead in. I'll get some snacks." She smiles leaving me by the entrance to his room. I swallow, this was awkward.

I shake my head and push the door open, Yanan was lying on his bed in white pajama pants, his new blonde hair sticking out the most. I sigh to myself seeing that he was asleep. I move closer to his bed realizing that he was only wearing a jacket, that wasn't zipped up, which left part of his chest exposed. Normally I wouldn't have minded or been even the slightest bit effected by the exposure of his chest but there was something about how he looked today that caused my skin to burn. My eyes trail up the black trail of hair that disappeared into the band of his pajama pants and ran to his belly button. Then up where a silver necklace hung loosely around his neck, my eyes trailing on a mole on his neck I never noticed was there.

I swallow, he's sick he should be covered up. I glance around his room; it was clean and neat and there were a few pictures of him with his family. My eyes find a blanket lying over his computer chair, so I stand up and return to cover up his lanky figure. Though now seeing him somewhat shirtless I could see that he wasn't as scrawny as I originally had thought. My hand raises to rest on his forehead, he definitely had a fever. I pull my hand away and his eyes open.

"Haein?" He comments lowly, his voice kind of groggy.

"Hey." I back away from him.

"What are you doing here?" He asks sitting up a bit.

"You weren't at school today, so I came to check on you, Seungyeon was going to come to, but she was on cleaning duty." I move to sit down at his desk chair, his mom entering his room with a tray of what looks to be bread. She sends a look to Yanan who sends her one back. It was a typical interaction between a mother and son but for some reason I found it funny.

I end up staying at his place for way longer than I had intended to. A few minutes turned into hours, as I helped his mother fix him some soup and made him take his medicine. It reminded me of the many times I had to do the same to Seungyeon. Through this whole situation it felt that Yanan and I had gotten closer, like we had finally become real friends.


The next day Yanan shows up for school, him having blonde hair being the topic of the day after Changgu's being the topic yesterday. He sits down at his desk waving at Seungyeon before turning to me.

"My mom sent some spring rolls for you since you helped out so much last night." He states sitting his backpack down, his lips smiling wide.

I smile. "She didn't have to, I used to go to Seungyeon's all the time to help out when she was sick. It's what friends do."

His smile falters but he quickly shakes his head. "We should hang out tonight."

I raise a hand to my chin thinking about if I had anything to do tonight before realizing I never do, so I nod. "Yeah sure, let's go shopping."

"Hey, Yanan." Changgu comes up to his desk, his eyes trailing over to me. He nods towards me slightly causing my heart to dip, he acknowledged me!

"Hey." Yanan replies his lips losing his smile.

"We're having a movie night at my house tonight, a couple of the girls from the last group meeting are coming over, you want to come?" Changgu offers and I wondered if he was going to try to convince Yanan to sleep with one of those girls again. Or if he'd say something else degrading.

"No that's okay." Yanan retorts, turning away from the other blonde boy.

"Haein can come too, if she wants." My heart takes another dip, he was inviting me?

Yanan glances at me, I send him a hopeful look to which he sighs turning back to Changgu. "What time?"


After school Yanan and I end up at the mall, Seungyeon not being able to join us since her cousins were visiting her tonight.

"So which store first?" He asks nudging me with his elbow. I hum to myself as I look around. "You're Changgu's friend, what kind of clothing style does he like?"

Yanan sighs. "You shouldn't have to change your style or looks for someone, especially someone like Changgu."

Someone like Changgu? What was that supposed to mean?

I slap his shoulder playfully. "I'm not changing myself; I just want to look good tonight when we go to his place." I grab his elbow tugging him towards one of the stores I normally go to.

He reluctantly follows and eventually gives into showing me clothes that Changgu likes. I only buy a pair of short black shorts and a red crop top. After buying it I put it on in one of the dressing rooms. "How do I look?" I step out of the dressing room, playfully flipping my black shoulder-length hair over my shoulder, placing a hand on my neck like the model's in the magazines sometimes do which causes the crop top to raise showcasing more of my stomach, so I quickly tug it back down.

Yanan gives me a once over. "You look uncomfortable." He admits and I pout at his comment. He rolls his eyes. "But nonetheless you look great, you always do."

I felt my cheeks burn at his comment. "Really, I look good? Do you think Changgu will think so?"

He turns away muttering "He thinks any girl in short shorts is hot" under his breath.


We arrive at Changgu's place at the time he had specified, and everyone is already here. When we walk in there are three girls, all of which look drop dead gorgeous and all were dressed similarly to how I was now. It was kind of embarrassing.

"Yanan you made it!" Changgu cheers clambering out from in-between two of the girls. All three of the girl’s glance towards me looking me and down. Changgu glances in my direction. "Ah, Haein, you made it too." His hand comes up to take a few strands of my hair into his fingers. "You look sexy." His eyes drop down my body and I shiver, not because I felt flattered either, it was because I was uncomfortable.

"So, you're Yanan." The two girls who had been sitting next to Changgu when we arrive come up to Yanan, both of them smiling wide looking him up and down.

Changgu turns resting an arm around my shoulders to which again I felt uncomfortable. Yanan glances at me asking if I was okay and I nod, it was surely because I wasn't used to this yet. "Movie time!" Changgu tugs me over to the couch nudging me to sit down next to the girl who was conversing with Shinwon. Changgu sits down on the other side of me and I'm left to look up as the two girls link arms with Yanan tugging him over to the love seat squishing in on either side of him. He seems completely disinterested in their advances so I wanted to laugh but I couldn't because at the same time I felt bad for him, since I knew he didn't want to be here right now. He was only here because I wanted to come. I swallow, a pit forming in my stomach as one of the girls leans in to whisper something in his ear to which he seems annoyed at.

The movie starts shortly after, but I cannot concentrate on it. We don't even get fifteen minutes in before Shinwon and the girl beside me get up and disappear down the hall. This was so awkward. Changgu snorts from my right at the two of them as they leave, and I felt him inch closer to me his lips brushing against my ear as he speaks softly. "So, want to go to my room so we can leave Yanan to get laid by those two?"

I squint towards him my heartbeat increasing at his comment and not because he was suggesting the two of us going somewhere on our own but because he didn't see that Yanan was obviously uncomfortable with the two girl's affection. I was angry, I didn't want to leave Yanan alone to have to deal with that situation, even though I knew he could handle himself. I also didn't want to be alone with Changgu yet.

"No that's okay, I don't think Yanan wants to be left alone with them." I gesture towards said boy as he gets up shrugging the two girls off him moving to the chair Shinwon previously occupied.

Changgu doesn't reply, just sinks back into his seat.

Just like that the movie ends with the five of us not talking. It was the most awkward movie night I've ever been to, granted I had only had one's with Seungyeon and my family before. I glance towards Changgu once it's over, "Um, thank you for-."

He gets up mid-sentence and moves to talk to the girls cutting off what I was going to say. My mouth closes and I felt embarrassed, had I made him mad?

Yanan moves to stand, gesturing that we should go, and I quickly follow after him. In his car I groan out of embarrassment. "God I'm so stupid."

"Why?" He asks starting his car but not putting it into drive.

"He asked if I wanted to go to his room and I said no, I think I made him mad." I let my head fall against the headrest. Maybe I should've went? I could've gotten to know more about him, we didn't have to do anything, I'm sure he wouldn't pressure me. Plus, Yanan could've taken care of himself.

"If he's mad over something like that then he's a dick." Yanan murmurs putting his seat belt on.

"I'm sorry I made us come to this, it was so awkward, and you seemed uncomfortable." I glance at him as he snorts.

"Yeah, one of those girls tried to stick her hand down my pants." He says quietly and my eyes widen, oh my god.

"What?" I gasp.

"Yeah." He hums putting the car in drive. I swallow the lump in my throat. I felt really bad now.

I pull out my phone.

From: Haein
To: Seungyeon
Has your family left for your grandparents yet?

From: Seungyeon
To: Haein
Yes! Movie night my place?

I glance at Yanan and clear my throat. "Seungyeon wants to have a movie night, let's go to it to get our minds off the disaster we just got out of."

He clicks his tongue. "I'm down."


I wake up the next morning with a stiff neck. Seungyeon's knee was in my back, typical behavior for her she left little room for me and Yanan who were curled up at the edge of her fold out couch. She also hogged all the blankets which left me to cuddle Yanan the whole night for warmth, the boy was surprisingly warm, so I didn't mind. I remove myself from Yanan's arms, pulling my left leg out from underneath his, my right from between his. It was a struggle, but I finally made it out.

I head down the hall to the bathroom and clean myself up. I had crumbs everywhere from the chips Seungyeon spilled on the bed when she got too scared once during the movie.

Once I'm done in the bathroom, I head into the kitchen to make breakfast, it isn't too long before Yanan is joining me. He wordlessly starts stirring up the pancake batter for me while I grab eggs out of the fridge.

As I crack one of the eggs into the bowl, I find myself giggling at the yellow yolk. "Look it's you." I gesture towards it, to which he pouts running a hand through his hair like doing that would make his hair look less like the yolk. I continue to giggle as I stir up the eggs to make scrambled eggs. He pouts some more before turning to me a smirk on his face.

"What?" I question him sending him a suspicious look.

His finger bops me across the nose leaving some of the pancake batter on it.

"Yah!" I lunge towards him trying to get some batter for myself to get back at him, but he takes the bowl into his hands raising it above his head. I jump and jump but god damn him and his long legs. So, I smirk getting a bright idea. I jump onto Yanan, my legs wrapping around his waist, one arm wrapping around his neck as the other reaches for the bowl. I must've taken him off guard since he doesn't try to fight back. I lean further into him, not knowing I was pressing my breasts into his face since I was too busy wrapping my fingers around the bowl. Once I successfully have it in my hands I lean back and almost fall straight to my ass if Yanan hadn't of came back to his senses his arm wrapping around my waist pulling me tight against his chest once again. My eyes widen as I look down into his eyes, I hadn't realized this was an awkward position, but we were friends, so it was okay.

"Ehem." Seungyeon clears her throat and I quickly drop my legs to the ground, Yanan releases his hold on my waist grabbing the bowl back turning away to stir the batter some more. I turn towards her; she was leaning against the doorframe a smile on her face.


Once Yanan is gone, I start to fold up the blankets on the couch but Seungyeon flops down on the one I'm folding smirking up towards me.

"So, who is it that you like again?" Her eyebrow raising momentarily, her arms crossing over her chest, the smirk on her face still prominent.

"Changgu?" I tilt my head towards her question.

She tsks. "Are you sure?"

I raise both my hands into the air almost as if I were shrugging. "Yeah, why?"

Her eyes roll a numerous amount of times and she lets out a huff as she stands. "Because you and Yanan act like you're more than friends."

I snort, a loud almost obnoxious laugh rolls up my throat. "Me and Yanan?"

She nods, I had almost expected her to join in and start laughing as well but her facial expression stays blank, or maybe she was disappointed?

"We're just friends." I reply, I didn't think it had to be explained, wasn't it obvious?

"Are you sure he knows that?" She turns away to allow me to pick up the blanket I was folding earlier.

I pause holding the blanket up in the air. "Of course, he does."


A/N: To be continued in Part Two of the card, sorry I had to split it up!
This marks the end! Please let me know what you think in the comments
Sorry for any mistakes! This hasn't been proof-read.
Also, I’m so sorry Changgu for making you an asshole, this is the second time I’ve done this to him. Boy couldn’t be mean to anyone irl.
I hope you enjoy it!



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