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Lunch was catered today, so I had the turkey and roast beef sub, with a side of potato salad. The sub was sooo huge, I had a hard time biting into it and the potato salad was very good. For dessert I decided on the fruit tray since I've eaten soo many bad stuff this week but either way I couldn't help but eye the tray of brownies, lolz (*_*)
ohhhh i like this sandwich looks yumiiiii and i think it was yumiiii
the fruit tray looks like something to kill for and the turkey and roast beef sub looks delicious hahah every time i eat the sub I can never eat it in front of a lot of people 'cause it will turn into a mess within the first 5 minutes ahhaha
you mad me so hungry
@mrjockX sadly, how i have that effect on men, lolz
That fruit all @.@ I should go shopping....@.@