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There is nothing sexier than men with clean hair and good hair styles. Guys, when you're not too lazy to be bother with your hair and try hiding them under your hats; keep them trimmed and keep them clean. You need to wash your hair! If you still got hairs on your head, take good care of your hair!, Wash them, style them and show them off! Don't worry about wearing hats or baseball caps. Many of you will soon have to wear hats permanently because you who might not be blessed with good hair genetics will have nothing left on your head to show it off. There are many great hair cuts today that makes your life much easier. One of the most popular seems to be "{The Undercut" look. It's a contrast look. Quite short, close to your scalp on the bottom part (temple area) and longer on the top part of your skull;starting where you usually side part your hair. It can be lower or even higher but the different in length between short part and long part is quite noticeable. This type of hair cut gives men more functions and options on how to style it. It works with business look , casual or go clubbing. It's the matter of styling for the occasions. Also, this haircut looks good with clean shaven, 5 o'clock shadows or even full beard. If you don't know what products to use, just ask your barber or hairstylist. It is not going to make you look less masculine to be educated for your own good. You need to know what shampoo is good for your scalp, how often to condition your hair. This you need to have some trial and error. Some products like shampoo and conditioners works differently and results are varies from one person to another. For success in styling part, please go try some new hair products that's available for you, some of them you can even ask for samples to take home before you buy. So you know what is the different between pomade, gel, moose, and styling cream. When to use matted finished or what products give you more or less shines on your hair. All these will benefits you to achieve the look and styles you want to do with the right styling products. Remember guys, please wash your at least every other day. If you did go to the gym then wash it that day. This look you might need to keep having you hair some trimming every 3 weeks or else they just start to be out of place and hard to style. Here are some examples of "The Undercut" look, you can do it shorter or longer to your suit your face and lifestyle.
Ok, two things you gonna need on top of finding the right hair products. 1) fine comb or best if you have a vented brush, it helps give your hair more volume and won't leave you with flat hair look . 2) good hair blower or hair dryer (If it doesn't have a bit of wind power, you're not gonna be able to achieve this look) The first picture has shine finished to it, you can use Paul Mitchell Barber's Classic Pomade or Lay Rite ( I would go with this one), blow and style till you are satisfy with it, then finished it with strong hold hair spray ( I use Sexy Hair). The second one is more of a matted finished pomade, blow out and spray lightly with shine gloss, blow out again, then finished with strong hold hair spray if you want it to stay that way. If you want it to look natural and moves, then skip the last part. The comb is just for you to keep your hair in place during the day.
@Meninstyles thank you for that thorough response! Will definitely be looking for a quality comb and Lay Rite my next time out shopping!
ive always preferred this hair style for guys b/c its neat, clean and cropped.....
which haircut will suit best for black hairs?
I like the pushed-back styling the first couple of images showed--definitely trying to go for something like that because I have thin, fine hair, but I don't know of any good products to style it / hold it
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