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Please support artists by visiting their sites, spreading the word & properly crediting them, and buying artwork. "I should probably introduce myself: my name is Jack Bloom and I’m a incredibly sarcastic but super awesome designer. My days involve LEGO building, cooking, illustration, and experimenting with typography. I’m relaxed by nature, a quality that I feel strengthens my design as well as my personable attitude. I was seasoned at Savannah College of Art and Design where I earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a major in graphic design. My career in design originated from a fundamental place, one that involved editing sprites from old 16-bit video games like Megaman &c. My geeky past, one which heavily involved Photoshop lead me to the world of visual communication and its bountiful wonders. Currently I’m a professional designer focusing on branding, interactive design, and illustration; however, typography based projects are my true passion. If your dream job involves developing a classic typeface based in the serif transitional period, then you’ve got a friend in me. There’s more, but I’d like to tell you these things over coffee, or maybe an appletini. That’s right, I enjoy a good tini, they make me feel fancy." You can visit his site here [http://www.andbloom.com/project] You can purchase prints here [http://society6.com/andbloom/prints]
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It feel so good!!