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4 Stages Of Erectile Dysfunction

Today we are to discuss the inability in men caused due to erectile dysfunction or there is a situation where men are not able to hold the erection for sufficient time. Erectile dysfunction has a negative effect on relationsand confidence. Luckily, issues in personal life don’t always have a reason for erectile dysfunction.
Some men come across this situation because they have a sexual history. Remember, a bad night in the bed doesn’t mean you are poor at performing sexual intercourse with your partner. So understand the stages of erectile dysfunction and how can you deal with this situation. Know the use of medication like Viagra 200 mg known as most popular one for the treatment.

Stages of ED

The ability to feel stimulated is a complex process. A number of things play its own role in making you feel aroused; for example,feelings, brain, hormones, and muscles all play its own role in arousal. When these factors are not lined up on timethen give rise to erectile dysfunction.
There is no doubt mental fitness plays a significant role in mental health in an equal manner similar to physical health. Various other factors could have an impact on your mental health like stress can make EDpoorer.
Some small health problems also give rise to a sexual reaction, however,the apprehension increases with the low sex response. In the end, shut the things completely sometimes.
Occasional or irregular sexual problems are not considered as erectile dysfunction. However, you may come across the ED when you face the underlined four stages:
1. Less/no craving for sex
2. Not able to hold the erection for sufficient time
3. Soft/unable to get an erection
4. Low testosterone level

Low Testosterone Has Various Risks

During the testosterone treatment, your body can collect a large amount of liquid. Alongside this,it gives rise to acne, a bigger prostate, or big breasts. A few othernegative effects are low fertility and a surge in the count of red blood cells. It can give rise to red blood cellsthat result in heart problems. There is a rise in sleep apnea signs.

How To Get Over The Erectile Dysfunction?

Though it’s not always possible, you have to find ways to solve erectile dysfunction. However, if you take care of your health, you can easily avoid this problem. It’s simple if you are healthy then less likely susceptible to erectile dysfunction. When you do the following things, you can keep yourself away:
· Lessen your stress
· Improve your health conditions like diabetes, heart problems,under the consultation of a doctor
· Keep a check on your mental fitness
· Exercise regularly
· Quit smoking and drugs usage and limit the alcohol

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

There is no one treatment that fits everyone for this illness. It may vary from person to person and it is required to create the multi-pronged method for your treatment. Speak with your consultant to find the best treatment for yourself. Your treatments may include:
Regime changes: Reduce your weight, regular exercise and keep a check on your medicines, but an off on smoking and keep the alcohol away and drugs too.
Find out the medical reasons:ED may be a sign of some serious health issues like heart disease, high BP or diabetes. Treatment of such illness would allow you to get an erection.
Bring a change in the lifestyle:Keep away the unhealthy habits that have an impact on ED, keep up the regular exercise.
Counseling:Look for the treatment for apprehension, unhappiness and further related health issues. In case, you are facing relationship problems and go to couples counseling.
Prescription medicines:You can also ask the doctor for oral medicines like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra 40 mg tablets. Try the generic pills and discuss the concerns or associated health conditions with the doctor before you consume any medicine.
Other medicines: Some other medicines like Alprostadil a self-injection. You can ask your doctor about it and take its prescription. Or there are generic medications as well. One of them is Cenforce 100 having sildenafil citrate. It can be taken as an alternative to Viagra. Having similar working mechanisms and effects, both the ED drugs wor the same.
Physical treatments: You can get the treatments like penis pump or penile implants that don’t need prescriptions. Though, such treatments are not suggested until unless other cures have botched.
In case, you think you have some issues in getting an erection or sustaining it for a long time then ask with your specialist. Find out the causes and start working in the treatment options under the supervision of a doctor.
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