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Johnson & Johnson (A Family Company) Removes Toxic Chemicals from Baby Products
The prod­ucts no longer con­tain two po­ten­tial­ly harm­ful chem­i­cals, form­al­de­hyde and 1,4-di­ox­ane, that have come un­der in­creas­ing scru­tiny by con­sumers and en­vi­ron­men­tal groups in re­cent years. In re­sponse to con­sumer pres­sure two years ago, the com­pa­ny pledged to re­move both chem­i­cals from its ba­by prod­ucts by the end of 2013, and this month, it said that it had achieved that goal. The re­for­mu­lat­ed prod­ucts are mak­ing their way to store shelves around the world and will re­place ex­ist­ing prod­ucts over the next sev­eral months.
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well, some positive news hahaha?
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i mean, is that really how it is?
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