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In an interview, Rain talked about his first impression on rising star Kim Woo Bin. He said, "I met Kim Woo Bin for the first time not too long ago, and I was really surprised when I saw him. No matter where I go, I'm not the type to lose height-wise, but he's really tall." The two stars met for the first time during the January 9 broadcast of MCountdown where Kim Woo Bin is the MC. He interviewed Rain before his performance, and seeing the two stars stand side by side made a deep impression on the viewers. While Rain is 185 cm (6'1"), Kim Woo Bin is a model who stands at 188 cm (6'2"), being of the tallest personalities in the entertainment industry. "I've only met him once before, but he really left a lasting impression on me. I think he's one of the tallest people I've met in the entertainment business. I can see why there are so many people who love him," concluded Rain. Meanwhile, Rain is promoting his comeback album "Rain Effect" with the songs "30 Sexy" and "LA Song". He has won the first place spot on Music Bank and MCountdown.
Ummm I want a pic with this 2 tall mans eeee
why would he be surprised it's only 3 cm dif between them rain is 185 cm that 6'1" and woobin is 188 cm that's 6'2" @MasriDaniela @christy Rain is tall sexy guy emmmm ^^
@christy ..i know mi bias..really well
@tyta468 no he is tall but he is not skinny like woo bin. so think he is not tall enough
@christy @MasriDaniela ..rain dont look really tall..but woo bin,is really sexy,hot,tall guy..
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