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In Inspiring Generation, episode 2, Poong Cha(played by Jo Dal Hwan) became Shin Jung Tae(played by Gwak Dong Yeon)’s bodyguard. Poong Cha beat Do Ggoo(played by Eom Tae Goo) down and went to the Bool Gom(played by Lee Chul Min)’s office with Jung Tae. He warned, “Don’t touch my kids.” Bool Gom was mad, but he was afraid of Poong Cha and had to let them go. After they left, he said to his subordinate, “I couldn’t smuggle because of Poong Cha. This means we have to get rid of him.”
@christy ..well, I see it, during the first episode, before they start reviews the past, and I don't like it, this guy is much better, you will see it , later...sister.
@tyta468 I don't see KHJ acting yet at this drama and don't watch episode 2yet but this guy is acting is really perfect and his fighting skills too
@christy ..I know everyone love khj, but this guy acting, better than hyun joon..
this guy is so talented