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Inspiring Generation Episode 2 Review: Gwak Dong Yeon Throws Himself into the Running Train
In Inspiring Generation, episode 2, Shin Jung Tae(played by Gwak Dong Yeon) threw himself into the running train. Jung Tae, who needed money to save his sick sister, decided to jump into the running train in front of Poong Cha(played by Jo Dal Hwan) and Hwang Bong Sik(played by Yang Ik Joon). Kang Gae(played by Ji Seung Hyuk), who was not fond of Jung Tae, said, “He won’t be able to throw himself into the train anyway. Why waste time on him?” Jung Tae stood on the railroad bridge and hesitated. Just then a train came towards him. Jung Tae threw himself in the air towards the running train.