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The most shocking part was when mary shot sherlock.. i was like "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?? JOHN..JOHN..JOHN" ..and yes the part where he shot the guy..i rewinded it too..it was totally unbelievable.. the all logic Sherlock let his emotions get the better of him!!
@neaa Ep3 caught me off guard LOLLL I watched it twice because I was so lost the first time hahahhaha and omg the scene where he shot the guy!! did you see that coming? I don’t think anybody did hahah I didn’t know he shot him and I was confused when he got exiled x_x and i wonder what is with the did you miss me thing erghhhh
final series.. i liked ep 3 the most... ep 1 was interesting for the part of sherlock's survival..but ep 3 had so many twists and turns and excitement that it was my fave!!\
Out of all the series 3 episodes I personally liked #1 the most because like Freeman said the finding out of Sherlock's survival was something that we all looked forward too~ haha and now we have to wait for series 4 what about @neaa? which one do you like lol