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TaskRabbit Clone Script

Hey all, are you going to start your own Marketplace Business similar to TaskRabbit? If yes, then I will recommend you to go with the best TaskRabbit Clone such as PintTask. PintTask is a feature-rich TaskRabbit Clone Script developed by the professional and experienced web developers at MintTM.
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Exclusive Magento 2.2 Features for B2B
The eCommerce world is expanding in leaps and bounds, and to keep up with the thriving competition Magento 2 is coming up with its new version during September of this year. Magento 2.2 is the most awaited update by a successful eCommerce platform. It will have distinct features that can enhance the Business-to-business functionality to the next level. The new features of the B2B market only make sense when you analyze the accelerated hike in the B2B market. By the year 2020, the B2B eCommerce will generate 6.7 trillion dollars across the world, as reported by Frost & Sullivan. The US market is likely to generate $1.12 billion in the coming year, estimated by the Forester. If you are also associated with the Magento eCommerce development then these updated features will be the most sought after deal for you. Exclusive Features • Flexible B2B functionality • Instant Bug Fixes • Upgrade to the Magento Developer Toolkit • Enhancement of the Magento Security • Highly advance Website Reporting Tools The software that is outdated can easily catch the incompatibility issues with the performance failure of the extensions. When a new version of Magento comes into the market, the old security loopholes are highlighted in patch notes that can affect web stores with malicious attacks. As the latest update has a lot of things to offer in order to enhance the webstore’s eCommerce, here are some of the B2B features everyone must know about. Originally published at: Exclusive Magento 2.2 Features for B2B eCommerce Business
Put An End To Your Quest on Which is Better WordPress or Drupal
WordPress and Drupal are having a neck to neck competition in the market. This competition has shaken developers and marketers to their very core, they have been jumping from market to market to make sure they are in the right business. ‘On which platform should they take their business Drupal or WordPress?’ This has not only been the question of developers and marketers this also the query of every other blogger as well as entrepreneur planning to commence their own website. WordPress and Drupal are both known for their exceptionally robust Content Management System, themes and plugins. Drupal web development company in the USA has the best set of skilled and expert web developers and marketers. Here is the comparison of Drupal and WordPress in the aspects crucial for crafting a mind-blowing website. Flexibility and Functionality WordPress offers over fifty-three thousand plugins and roundabout five thousand themes which makes it the best platform for customization because it offers endless unique outcomes. It provides great flexibility and functionality but their foundation is built on the themes and plugins. You can make a robust website by just installing some plugins here but this is also a weak spot of WordPress as these plugins can create security risks. Drupal is very complex in comparison to WordPress but its complicated build is what provides the users with high-level functionality. Drupal has better organizational sources for large content and data than WordPress development which contributes towards improving the overall speed of the website. Additionally, to increase functionality it offers excellent modules and themes. Security Security is one of the very vital attributes for website developing platforms. Drupal and WordPress are secure from their very core, but Drupal still stands out in terms of security. Drupal is a perfect CMS for financial institutions, organizations, and governments because it offers advanced security and in-depth security reports. When proper security measures are taken WordPress itself can be very secure but its reliance on third-party plugins has set it back in terms of security. According to a recent survey and studies plugins are majorly used hackers as their gateway. One of the reasons behind Drupal’s tough security system is it’s close to no reliance on third-party plugins. E-Commerce Both Drupal and WordPress are not built for e-commerce but both have successfully found a way to remedy that. Both platforms use carefully designed modules and plugins to meet the need of online store websites. Wordpress offers Woocommerce to the online business owners on the platform which offers a great user experience to the visitors of the site. WooCommerce runs over thirty percent of the online stores and provides attractive as well as comprehensible interface with payment gateways which contributed towards enhancing UX. Drupal offers Drupal Commerce to its online store owners and has already powered over sixty thousand websites all around the globe. With its modern as well as clean interface it is very simple to use and provides an amazing user experience. For customer satisfaction, it coordinates with social networks and payment providers form everywhere. The comparison of WordPress and Drupal on the basis of all these aspects can give you enough information to end your quest of finding out which is the better platform. Drupal is a little complex to use as its themes need coding for customization so to get excellent outcomes you can hire Drupal development services in the USA.
Tips to Build On-Demand Service App like Thumbtack
There was a time when one had to move from brick to mortar so as to find a service provider who would assist them in their daily services. Often however customers were faced with a dilemma when the service providers would not arrive or their services were not upto the mark. Thus to assist and support them in a way that they were provided quality services at all times solutions such as the on-demand service app like gojek entered the picture. What is An On-Demand Service App? On-demand service apps are solutions that help customers get quick and efficient services simply through a few simple taps on their smartphone or iPhone device. As soon as they provide their location details and details related to the services thereafter they get connected to service providers nearby. The customer needs to now simply provide the service details and book the services upon which within a time of few minutes they would receive these services. So altogether it is an easy to use and operate application that has gone on to make life considerably easy for people all over the world. Today you may find several on-demand service apps that have gone on to revolutionize the industry first and finally assist the customers at large get connected to quick as well as efficient services simply through the tap of a few buttons on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively however one that has really built a name for itself in terms of making services swift for customers is the Thumbtack app. Here’s a brief description about the app in detail. About Thumbtack App The popular on-demand service app Thumbtack was created in the year 2008. With its headquarters in San Francisco the solution offers its services in places across fifty states located in the USA. Currently the annual estimated revenue of the solution is close to around 170.6 million dollars approximately. So what is the reason for the enormous profits and revenue that the solution has generated? The answer to this is mostly because of the local demands getting matched with service providers who are qualified and well-trained and offer quick and swift services. The app helps customers get the services simply through them placing a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone device respectively. Due to the overall easy operations of this solution on a whole, it has gone onto capturing the attention of novice service industries or service industries that are considering incorporating similar solutions for offering services. This is mostly so that they can capture customers faster and more efficiently. However remember to follow some important tips before you go on to build a service app similar to Thumbtack. This will ensure you can attract customers towards your industry first and finally you can provide unique services to them on a whole. Guide to Build Service App Similar to Thumbtack a. Integrate a telephone and live chat support feature in your solution so that your customers can directly place a call to you or chat live in order to receive quick help when they get stuck while operating your solution. b. Include a service subscription package in your app so that your customers remain aware about the service packages first and finally receive transparency in regards to the services they avail of from the solution on a whole. c. Contain a location-based service listing feature in your solution so that your customers can locate nearby service providers and track their whereabouts as well at the same time. Concluding, if you follow the guide while developing an app similar to Thumbtack you can be assured your service industry will attract customers faster and also help you make enormous revenue along the way.
Bright Future of Flutter in Mobile Applications Development
Flutter is a user interface (UI) software product developed by Google for creating beautiful, built-in applications compatible with iOS and Android. It is a new open-source SDK (Software development kit) designed based on one codebase. Flutter development services aim to change the experience of mobile phone users by delivering quality and highly optimized applications. With advances in technology, Flutter is the future of mobile development that offers developers a fast and interactive way of building applications. The expectations of mobile users keep growing in terms of stunning designs, creative animations and high performance apps. Thus, app developers need to stay abreast by implementing innovative features with high-quality consumer standards. Below are key elements that separate Flutter from other popular mobile technologies. Key Features · Flutter is a free, open-source mobile application development framework. · It is built on Dart programming language, which is object-oriented. · It is a new mobile technology that is affordable with an easy-to-use interface. · It has an automatic feature called Hot Reload that enables developers to create top-notch apps in record time. Advantages of Flutter App Development Mobile application development requires time, effort and resources to come up with beautiful designs that are appealing to the end-user. Flutter is rapidly becoming popular among app developers despite it being a new tech product in the industry. It not only lowers costs but also speeds up the process of developing apps with stunning end-results. The following are advantages of Flutter app development: · Faster Coding With the automatic Hot Reload feature in place, developers enjoy more straightforward coding since they can view their work on a real-time basis with each progress. It prevents frequent reloading, thus, speeding up the coding phase. It enhances efficiency and productivity for the entire business team. · Cross-platform compatibility in the design It is developed with the application design and critical functions in mind as an end-result. Therefore, the technology comprises of numerous appealing widgets that are customizable depending on the preference of the developer. · Single-code base Flutter is written in one programming language known as Dart. The single code enables developers to create one application that is compatible with different platforms such as Android and iOS without causing any technical issues. · Enhances teamwork The new mobile technology improves relationships between business owners and customers by delivering quality apps within a shorter period. Also, developers, managers, and designers work well with the UI software since it aims to create appealing designs for the user. · Google support Google owns Flutter; hence, it is a reliable piece of software that is still a work in progress. In case of any complications, you can contact Google support for a responsive solution. · Native application It is built specifically for Android and iOS mobile devices. Thus, its ability to function optimally and non-problematically is quite high. The software is fully optimized to support the mobile interface with high performance and appealing visuals, guaranteeing satisfactory user experience. Disadvantages · Suitable for mobile apps It is designed to cater only for the iOS and Android future apps. Web application development is not yet available since the technology is still making leaps. · Large file sizes It consumes a lot of storage space, which end users do not have due to the nature of the mobile phones. They may opt to use apps with smaller file sizes. Developers usually avoid complex images and animation to compress the app’s size. Flutter thrives on large libraries and massive files. · Insufficient third-party libraries Since it is a new technology, free packages from other sources are inaccessible. The resource library and tool list are gradually on the rise. Other top-rated technologies have readily available software libraries online. Conclusion Developers are in constant search of mobile application frameworks that are easy to learn with exceptional performance and readily accessible tools, not forgetting custom widgets and available updates. Flutter is definitely the future of mobile app development with all the features that support the process of creating beautiful apps within a short time. Google developed this SDK to aid developers in increasing quality with cross-platform UI software. So, businesses and app developers should consider incorporating Flutter development in their mobile applications since it improves productivity and does not compromise on quality.
Top 5 iOS App Development Challenges And How To Overcome Them
Having a functional mobile application has become more of a necessity if businesses want to flourish in a fiercely competitive market. And what better than iOS to get started. It is already among the most popular mobile operating systems, which is not a surprise, given its numerous features such as security, exceptional user experience, high scalability, etc. However, the development process sure is a complex one. With each new version of Apple OS, the process becomes a bit complex and poses a few challenges to the developers. But there are some easy ways to overcome those challenges. Read on: The compatibility issue The compatibility issue often arises with iOS app development. With a number of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, etc, it often becomes difficult to find out the iOS versions that will support the application. Your iOS application needs to be compatible with all the Apple products and OS versions. To avoid this issue, you must test your application using TaaS to identify all the prevailing problems with your app. Leveling up the user interface iOS devices are among the most preferred ones, thanks to their superior UX and brilliant design. But then again, frequent changes in design are likely to affect your app in some way or the other. For example, some people might still be using a relatively small screen. You need to be sure that your app provides an attractive user experience irrespective of the screen size. Evolve your app and keep working to level up the user interface of your app. The network may not always be supportive Network conditions can be a concern for you here in case your app comprises rich media such as videos or live streaming. Find out the speed at which most of the people access the apps and then develop yours accordingly. For example, you might want to restrict the video quality on your app to brace up to the poor network conditions. As a solution, make sure your app passes the test performed by the Network Link Conditioner which can help you with simulation System memory might hold your app back Each iOS device comes with a different memory configuration. An app developed for one version may or may not work well on another. The reason could be low memory and storage, which can also result in your app getting terminated. Another concern may be your app drawing a huge amount of battery, which will, more often than not, result in uninstallation. Luckily for you, Custom iOS app development can help address this challenge very well. Therefore, it is important to optimize your app to make sure it is battery-friendly. And since device memory is an issue, optimizing the app in terms of file size will also help in eliminating such issues. App store approval Not all iOS apps are approved by the Apple app store, especially those that are not developed in compliance with the suggested rules. One simple violation and your app could get rejected. These rules, too, aren’t consistent, which is why you need to keep up with the recent changes in the guidelines and develop your app accordingly. Each OS comes with its own set of challenges. iOS is no different. The app development process might be prone to a few as well, but none of them are powerful enough to undermine the greater good that an iOS app can bring to your business. So, all you need are some simple tactics to overcome them. The aforementioned challenges along with the solutions will help you make sure that the end result is pure brilliance, and the development process, smooth. Need an iOS developer to guide the way? Well, write to us at, and we’ll connect you with one, someone who’s well-versed in custom iOs app development, and knows what it takes to build a powerful business app.