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Every player wants to buy more and more Poe currency

"The Path of Exile" has no story content, which makes me stay interested in completing the 10 act advertising series for more than 75 hours. The result of the moral conflict between good and evil brought some pleasant surprises to the combination. New Zealand developers from grinding gear have integrated some exciting and effective elements of Polynesian mythology from their own world perspective, adding texture and nuance to the story of light and dark, and must work together to deal with greater and older threats. Each region is filled with written and phonetic summaries of knowledge and NPC dialogues that delve into the history and culture of the world, although standing in the city and listening to speeches can only remind me that some aspects of my exile path are out of date. Should I do something when receiving another kill dump?
There is also a robust and possibly endless endgame in which I tell my own story and new mysteries, which I was able to explore after playing for more than two weeks. Random treasure maps begin to appear near the last two scenes, and these maps can take you to new areas by conveyor belt, which means that even if the main battle is behind you, you can see more unique dungeons and earn money. I think it's great, but by then I don't want to play for more than 80 hours.
As a free game, the Path of Exile is also praiseworthy, because it is one of the most fascinating and completely optional micro trading stores I have ever seen in such games. Almost everything you can spend on real money is purely decorative, except for the extra bank card that can help you store all the equipment, currency and skill treasures you want to keep. By the end of act 10, I had barely realized that I had run out of space on my free bank label, so it was absolutely possible to fully experience all the major ad lines without spending a penny. Moreover, you will not be reminded to visit the cash store endlessly. Apart from other players running and rubbing on their faces with shining angel wings, unless you keep looking for it, it won't block your vision at all, which is really great.
Every player wants to buy more and more Poe currency. For the "path of exile" players, establishing their own financial or goods intensity in the game is obviously the key currency of the "path of exile" goods. It's very useful to remodel trash or make a equipment into something. Players can grow and trade these orbs on a large scale. Let me tell you something about how to plant these orbs now. In the game, the full potential of playing a role is to combine the best elements of various factors, which is a large part of it. Due to good luck, to be a good person, all kinds of exile items are troublesome. For most players, getting the best possible character gear involves more search and trade until they get what they need. However, there are many ways in the game to make the spoils more likely to fall than you like, thus reducing the difficulty of farming, but it also depends on how much you are willing to invest in these items.