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Online Paraguay radio stations. Enjoy hundreds of live radios
Listen for free to all stations in Paraguay . All stations and radio programs in one place. Discover them online now. Online Paraguay radio stations Listen to FM Radios and   Radio stations from  Paraguay . A complete list of more than 50   Radio stations from  Paraguay . Emisoras Paraguay  106.1 MHz FM, Asunción, Paraguay - listen online radio free at IPParaguay. Listen to  Emisoras Paraguay  Radio Monumental in Asunción. Listen to Internet radio. Radio live  Radio stations Paraguay  Radio Ñanduti live Official application of Radio  Emisoras Paraguay  Radio Amor FM live from Asunción Paraguay. DesdePy is the official Application of DesdeParaguay , with access to the radios and other important media in  Paraguay . DesdePy is the application Radios  of  Paraguay . Your   Paraguayan radios online. Internet radio for everyone. Listen   to  Paraguay radios . Emisoras  de  Paraguay  Online - Listen to  radio stations  from  Paraguay  Live online. Emisoras Paraguay, generally known by its commercial name of "106", "106.1 FM" or "La 106" is a radio station in Paraguay, whose base is in the city of Asunción. It transmits on the 106.1 FM frequency 24 hours a day, it has a wide reach within the agglomerates of Asunción and Gran Asunción, reaching even the departments of Paraguarí, Cordillera and Presidente Hayes. It is the most listened to radio station in the country according to the Chamber of Advertisers of Paraguay (2017), having a ranking of 13.6% compared to other stations Choose your City and Tune into your Radio! * Alphabetical list. Radios of Asunción (AM) Radio March 1 780 AM Radio 1000 AM Radio ABC 730 AM Radio Cáritas 680 AM Radio Chaco Boreal 1330 AM Radio Fe y Alegría 1300 AM Radio La Unión 800 AM Free Radio 1200 AM Radio Monumental 1080 AM National Radio of Paraguay 920 AM Radio Universe 970 AM Radios of Asunción (FM) Radio ABC 98.5 FM Radio Amor 95.9 FM Radio Aspen 102.7 FM Radio Camera 104.1 FM Radio Canal 100.1 FM Radio CFA 99.5 FM Radio Conquistador 89.1 FM Radio Corazón 99.1 FM Disney Radio 96.5 FM Radio E40 91.1 FM Radio Stations Paraguay 106.1 FM Exclusive Radio 103.7 FM Radio Fernando 100.5 FM Radio HEi 91.9 FM Radio Latina 97.1 FM Radio Los 40 92.3 FM Radio Maria FM Radio Montecarlo 100.9 FM Radio Nacional del Paraguay 95.1 FM Radio Ñemby 88.3 FM Radio Palma 106.5 FM Radio Popular 103.1 FM Radio Romance 104.5 FM Radio RQP 94.3 FM Radio Top Milenium 91.5 FM Radio Tropicalia 93.9 FM Urban Radio 106.9 FM Radio Venus 105.1 FM Radio Vibras 92.7 FM Radio Ysapy 90.7 FM Radio Yvytu 97.5 FM Radios de Arroyos y Esteros Radio Manduvirá 88.9 FM Radios of Alto Verá Radio San Andrés 103.7 FM Radios of Caaguazú Radio Centenario 99.5 FM Captain Miranda's Stations Radio El Ángel 94.9 FM Radios of Caraguatay Radio Caraguatay 90.3 FM Radio Las Mercedes 104.5 FM Radio Pueblo de Recuerdos 87.9 FM Radios of Ciudad del Este Radio Concert 89.1 FM Radios of Concepción Radio Regional 660 AM Radio Aquidaban 100.5 FM Radio La Costa 106.1 FM Mega Station Radio 95 95.9 FM Radio Norte Comunicaciones 94.5 FM Radio Ypane 104.3 FM Colonel Bogado's Stations Radio Marandú 88.7 FM Radios of Coronel Oviedo Radio Kaaguazú 640 AM Radio Capital 101.7 FM Radio Fiesta 102.9 FM Radio More 102.3 FM Raduguaty's Stations Radio Curuguaty 98.7 FM Radios of Incarnation Radio Paraná 89.7 FM Radio Santa Helena 103.9 FM Radio Studio 92.1 FM Eusebio Ayala's Stations Radio Evolution 89.3 FM Radio MDQ 101.1 FM Horqueta radios Radio Guyrá Campana 1420 AM Radio Continental 95.3 FM Radio Los Angeles 89.9 FM Radios by Pedro Juan Caballero Radio Sin Fronteras 98.5 FM Pilar's Stations Radio 106.9 FM Pilar National Radio 700 AM Piribebuy's Stations Radio Piribebuy 96.7 FM Stations of March 1st Radio Primereña 106.5 FM Radios of Salto del Guairá Radio Arandú 98.3 FM Radio Tricolor 96.7 FM Radios of San Estanislao Radio City 92.9 FM Radio Tapiracuai 88.7 FM Radios of San Ignacio Radio Libertad 96.3 FM Radio Unasur 93.7 FM Radios of San Juan Bautista Radio San Juan 99.5 FM Radios of San Pedro Radio Ycuamandyyu 590 AM Radio Cosmos 92.7 FM National Radio of San Pedro 105.9 FM Radio Norte 91.7 FM Radio San Pedro 93.7 FM Radios of Santa Rosa (Misiones) Radio Metro 106.1 FM Radio Sanguri 90.7 FM Union Radios Radio Centro 87.9 FM Vallemi's Stations Radio Itá Porá 98.9 FM Radios of Villa Oliva Radio Villa Oliva 88.7 FM Radios of Villarrica Radio Transamerica 94.7 FM Radios Online Radio UGA Radio America Online Radio Apparatus Radio Bruno Masi Online Radio Cooperativismo Hoy Radio Dj Teo Radio Olimpia Media Radio Retro Paraguay Radio RTM Paraguay Radio Sagrados Online Paraguayan Radio Tradition Radio Your Classics Online Radio Tus Hits Online Radio Tus Latinos Online Radio Yacyreta FM Radios Online (USA) Radio El Mirador TV CFA TV Concert TV 89.1 FM My TV Itapúa Piribebuy TV 96.7 FM People of Memories TV 87.9 FM TVS Incarnation Radio Azul y Oro FM 94.7 Origin of the radio: The Emisoras Paraguay radio was created in 1958 on Frecuencia AM and from 1975 on FM frequency until today. Founder of the radio: The director and founder of the radio station Emisoras Paraguay was Mr. Gerardo Halley Mora, who sold it to the Lambaré S.R.L company, then went to Mr. Heisecke. Currently the director-owner is Mr. Javier Boscarino. The first Programs: The first radio programs were in journalistic style with the best broadcasters of the time such as Mr. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez. Ricardo Rodas Vill, Néstor García, Blanca Navarro, Agustín González, Carlos Penayo, Irma Sosa, among others. Location, broadcast studio: The transmission study of Emisoras Paraguay 106.1 M is located on Tte. Martínez Ramella N ° 1355- Asunción, Telephone 220.231 / 2. Today: Emisoras Paraguay is currently # 1 in audience with the best programs and a 24-hour broadcast. The programs: FANTASIA with Ricardo Rodas Vill, EL CABEZON DE LA MAÑANA with Rafael ¨cabezon¨ Ortega, EL PARLAMENTO with Orlando Cáceres, MORROCOTUDISIMO with Ricardo Rodas Vill, ENERGÍA with Osvaldo Amilcar, among others.
A product guide to fluorescence and Photoluminescence
Above Photo: Glow Paint Industries 250ml UV Neon Face and Body Paints. Black lights emit UV Ultraviolet light that cannot be seen by humans The fluorescent paint absorbs the ultraviolet light and then re-emits the visible wavelengths that we see as fluorescence. It works in the way of one colour in one colour out. Fluorescent Paints are fluro – Neon coloured in normal day light conditions but when exposed to a black light in dark or semi lit conditions will illuminate (Fluoresce). Above Photo: Bonapartes bar in W.A Australia. Fluorescent Face and Body Paints Bonapartes bar W.A Australia. This photo is from there Glow Party. For fluorescent face and body paints click here Above Photo: A painting that was painted for a New Years Eve Glow Party. Above Photo: Fluorescent Paints used on walls at a home Glow Birthday Party. Above Photo: Green Glow in the dark Christmas tree. Green glow in the dark Pigments mixed with paint and then applied to a Christmas tree A Christmas tree painted by Glow Paint Industries in 2006. As you can see the glow in the dark Christmas tree was a great success. Common Questions Q) Should Fluorescent Paints be used outdoors? A) Fluorescent Paints will work fine outside but over a number of years the paint will fade in colour. Fluorescent Paints are best used indoors. Q) Is there a black, Gold, Silver or Gray Fluorescent paint? A)No all these colours do not have fluorescent properties. Q) Are black lights dangerous? A) Most black lights that are available for sale in Australia are safe to use. UV Blacklights with dangerous wavelengths are not normally available for sale to the general public. Q) What type of Black Light do I need for a Fluro Party? A) To light a large area we recommend getting a 400W UV Black Light cannon. You can get these UV black lights from your local d’j supplies shop. Most d’j shops rent and sell their range of black lights. Types of Black Lights Black Light LED panels these black lights also work well and are suitable for both home fluro parties and professional use, but give inferior performance. UV Black Light Tubes are good if you are trying to light an area where there are only normal white light fluorescent lighting. You can get these from electrical wholesalers. Black Light bulbs are a good, cheap and cost effective method of buying UV black lights. We recommend buying energy efficient globes rather that the old style globes. The old style globes don’t work as well as the new energy efficient globes. You can get these from your local hardware store. You will need to check your light fittings before buying black light bulbs to check if you have bayonet or screw in fittings. The type of UV Black light you buy will determine how well the paints work under UV Black light. Above Photo: Pro black lights for large events. Above Photo: 12 Volt DC UV Black Light Is Glow in the dark the same as fluorescence? No they are not the same at all. Glow in the dark pigments in the paints absorbs light from artificial light or natural light sources and then when placed in the dark the pigments in the paint discharge and light up and Glow. There is no scientific research or evidence to prove that Glow pigments are safe to use on skin or in face and body paint. A new emerging trend is to use glow in the dark Face and Body Paints. After many years in selling glow in the dark powders and paints we know that this type of Glow paint is inferior compared to UV reactive paints. This is why 1) Glow in the dark Face and Body Paints need very dark conditions to see the glow effect. 2) This make their use dangerous. 3) They are expensive 4) They have limited colours 5) To have a good glow effect these paints need large glow powder particle sizes. This makes them look like sandpaper. Other useful information about Fluorescence in general Is there Organic Fluorescent things in nature? Yes some flowers have UV Properties which helps bees and other small insects find flowers. Fluorescent rocks and minerals Some rocks and minerals will fluoresce when near a black light. Above image owned by: Hannes Grobe (Hgrobe 06:16, 26 April 2006 (UTC)) - Own work Fluorescent minerals. Above image owned by Didier Descouens - Own work Fluorescing fluorite from Boltsburn Mine Weardale, North Pennines, County Durham, England, UK Above Photo: Parrots under UV Black Lights. Do animals see Fluorescence? Yes they sure do. Some animals that can see in UV, are some species of Parrots (Some Male parrots have UV markings to attract mates). Some fish can see in UV, This has lead to some fishing lure manufactures to make Neon lures that are more attractive to fish. Budgies under UV Black light. Our uv fluorescent face and body paints Many jar, tub and pail sizes to choose form. Click here to view all our fluorescent face and body paints. Our uv fluorescent interior paints Many jar, tub and pail sizes to choose form. Click here to view all our fluorescent interior paints. New Artificial Neon Snow Six neon snow colours to choose from. Non toxic and good for Neon Snow fights at Glow Paint Parties. 1KG of this Neon Snow Powder makes a whopping 20L~40L of Neon Snow. Click here to see all of our neon snow products. Our glow in the dark powders Many bag sizes to choose form. Click here to view all of our glow in the dark pigments and powders. Snapchat: glowpaint (c) Copyright Glow Paint Industries Queensland Australia, 20/05/2015
💚So Beast Mod Intro💚
Hey guys it's good to be back supporting our fantastic boys. Here is my intro and I'll link my old one as well if your bored and want to keep reading. Oldintro 🍉 D.O.B 06/15/91 🍉 My UB group is Beast and now Highlight 🍉 Dongwoon is my UB who lives on the top of the hill in my heart. He watches all the peasants down bellow as they try to climb their way up. 🍉 I got into kpop in 2012 when I found Beast online. I fell in love after two music videos 🍉 I love many other groups including B.A.P, BTS, VIXX, BigStar etc. 🍉 I'm in love with the colors lime green and mint. 🍉 I use the phrase "I see," ALLOT 🍉 Currently I have been listening to Monsta X. Helixx got me into them and she dunked my head under water and forced me to see pictures of Wonho until I loved him. Jk but really she did spam me and I fell in love haha. He is just too great. 🍉 My current Bias wrecker is Jongup from B.A.P. He kills me lately!!! Alrighty guys that's about it. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THE BEAST/HIGHLIGHT COMMUNITY TAGLIST, PLEASE LET US KNOW >>>HERE BEAST MOD SQUAD: @Helixx @LemonLassie @MelissaGarza @AimeeH @StephanieDuong @KenyaMendoza @axosrain @sukkyongwanser @awkwardjazzy @KaiLuhan4Ever B2UTY TAGLIST: @DianaBell @axosrain @Kpopfangirl15 @Starbell808 @KenyaMendoza @ibMIMI @mitchix5 @StarlightV @awkwardjazzy @ChristineO84 @sukkyongwanser @YviLole15 @IsoldaPazo @EliStacy87 @Starbell808 @Kpopfangirl15 @twistedPuppy @HaleyHerbig @alwaysdream @sukkyongwanser @Choijiah @AraceliJimenez @Aijah @StefaniTre @AliceTetsuya @YessicaCardenas @KarenGuerra93 @PolarStarr @OmoKpopLuv @robertakm64 @arielHighlight1 @KaiLuhan4ever @JerannethaBroug @lizochoa @NicoleFireRose @tinafalcon22 @BeeTeeS @stevieq @B2STJYDHDK @SimplyAwkward @FlakiitaB
반스 컴피쿠시를 신은 DJ 디디한의 편안한 숏터뷰
“편안함을 느낄 때 창의적인 영감이 마구 떠올라요” 독자는 어떤 상황에 놓였을 때 가장 ‘편안함’을 느끼는가. 누구는 고단했던 하루 일과를 마친 후 들이키는 맥주 한 잔에, 또 다른 이는 오랜 보행에 피곤해진 발에게 휴식을 주는 시간 등 소소한 상황에서의 편안함을 답한다. 공감할 수 있듯 사실 모든 사람이 느끼는 편안한 상황은 별반 다를 바 없이 비슷하다. 반스는 늘 ‘편안한’ 신발에 대해 고찰하고 연마해왔다. 그 끝에 탄생한 제품이 브랜드의 오랜 역사와 디자인 노하우 그리고 심층적인 소비자 피드백이 더해진 ‘컴피쿠시 에라’. 한마디로, 고유의 클래식한 스타일은 유지한 채 진보적인 기술력을 집약해 착화감을 더욱 향상시킨 모델이 컴피쿠시다. 설포가 돌아가는 불편함을 막기 위한 일체형 내부 구조를 채택했고, 여기에 다양한 발 모양을 고려한 아치 서포트가 적용해 발바닥에서 느껴지는 편안함을 선사했다. 크기의 변주를 준 체커보드 포인트는 덤. 이를 증명하기 위해 반스 신발을 애정하는 DJ에게 컴피쿠시의 편안함을 솔직하게 물었다. ‘편안함’을 느낄 때 가장 창의적인 영감이 마구 떠오른다는 디디한. 최근 버버리 행사 디제잉은 물론 지난 금요일 밤 <알라딘>을 테마로 한 소프 파티에서 공연하는 등 DJ씬에서 확고한 입지를 다지는 중인 디디한의 아래 <아이즈매거진> 숏터뷰를 통해 반스의 컴피쿠시를 간접 경험해보자. |무슨 일을 종사하는지 자신에 대해 소개해줘라 이태원을 베이스로 활동하는 피치 에브리 웨어(PEACH EVERY WHERE) 크루 소속 DJ 디디한이다. 이름은 친구들 사이에서 ‘드(D)렁큰 단(D)비’란 별명에서 차용된 닉네임이다. 장르 구분 없이 다양한 범주의 비트를 셀렉해왔으며, 현재는 하우스 음악을 선보이는 중이다. |자신의 패션 스타일과 작업 스타일을 설명한다면? 평소 디제잉 할 때 타이트한 옷은 지양하며, 몸에 편안하게 감기는 스타일을 선호한다. 작업 스타일은 원하는 사운드가 나오지 않아도, 결국엔 나오게끔 환경을 만들려고 계속해서 노력하는 편. |뮤지션으로서 ‘편안함’이 담긴 스타일이 왜 중요한가? 그게 창의성에 어떤 영향을 주나? 편안한 환경이 주어졌을 때 내 감정에 더욱 솔직해지는 것 같다. 억지로 무언가를 창조한다거나 불편한 상황이 놓여진다면 절대 좋은 비트가 나올 수 없다. 편안함을 추구하고, 꾸밈없는 나만의 스타일이 좋다. |편안할 때 당신은 무얼 더 잘할 수 있나? 편안함을 느낄 때 창의적인 영감이 마구 떠오른다. 먼저, 마음이 편해야 음악 감상할 때에도 좋고 싫음의 판가름이 된다. 마음이 불안하고 초조하다면 디깅 시 음악을 들어도 집중을 할 수가 없다. |자신의 음악 작업 방식에 대해 소개한다면? 나의 영감의 원천은 관객이다. 관객들의 반응을 보고 즉흥적으로 다음 곡을 선곡하면서 희열을 느낀다. 장시간 동안 서서 관객에게 즐거운 음악을 선사하는 일을 하다 보니 편안한 신발은 나에게 단비 같은 존재다. |DJ 공연을 앞두었다고 가정했을 때 당일 자신의 하루 일과에 대해 설명해보자 공연 전날 미리 선곡 정리를 해두고 자는 스타일이다. 공연 당일 시작 전에는 현장 분위기를 흥겹게 주도할 수 있도록 미리 바이브를 마음속에 새기고 출발한다. 음악 선곡하기 직전에는 제임스 진저 진토닉 한 잔을 마셔 긴장을 달래기도. |마지막으로, 편안한 착화감의 새로운 ‘컴피쿠시 에라’ 컬렉션을 착용해 본 소감은? 디자인은 기존 클래식 반스와 차이가 없는 데 훨씬 편안한 쿠셔닝이 느껴진다. 장시간 서 있는 일을 하는 직업 특성상 단화는 쉽게 시도할 수 없었는데, 반스 컴피쿠시 에라는 디제이 공연 시 신어도 발과 무릎에 무리 없이 편안하게 착용 가능할 것 같다. EDITOR / EUNBEEN LIM PHOTOGRAPHER / WON BEOMSEOK VIDEOGRAPHER / JUSEONG KIM FLIM EDITOR / CHA EUNHYE 더 자세한 내용은 <아이즈매거진> 링크에서