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Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 9 Preview [Eng]
Hi guys! Bridal Mask is out with the Episode 9 preview!!! Check out my page for more of your fav kdrama previews ( keke how are u liking bridal mask so far??? its getting great reviews here in Korea, but unfortunately not so much outside of Korea :( i think leegloria does recaps of Bridal Mask too, poke around here ( for more! ======================================= Bridal Mask Ep 9 Shunji has been promoted as the leader in catching Gaksital. Senior Kimura wonders about trusting Kangto... The future flares between Kangto who has already taken on the roll as Gaksital and Shunji the recent promote. On the other hand, the excitement and joy of people of the Jongno Market for Gaksital is slowly quieting down. Gaksital's reappearance is right around the corner for Shunji 각시탈을 잡은 공을 인정받아 종로경찰서 경부가 된 슌지는 이강토를 믿어서는 안 된다는 아버지 기무라서장의 말이 의아하기만 한데.... 이미 각시탈을 쓰기로 마음먹은 강토는 슌지가 경찰이 되었다는 사실에 앞날이 불길하게만 느껴진다. 한편, 종로시장에 나타난 각시탈을 보게 된 조선 사람들은 각시탈이 살아있다는 사실에 흥분과 환희에 들뜨고...... 각시탈의 재등장에 슌지는 궁지에 몰리는데...... Link to youtube video preview here:
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Thanks Luka! I've been following you and leegloria~
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keke you are most welcome!!!! are you only watching bridal mask?
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