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More grey coming in Springs & Summer 2014. Actually it's grey all the way to Winter 2014!!!...It's gonna be three seasons of men in grey. It's a great color and very easy to wear. It goes with everything. I even prefer grey over black. Unlike black color when doing combination, grey color tends to mix & match better in either with hot or cool hues. You can match different shades of grey together and it will look really cool. Trying to do the same with black is not gonna work. Because more work requires you have to deal with textures, materials and finishes or else you'll just end up looking like your black color clothes are old, tired and faded. With grey color when you mix or match. as long as it fits you right by not going overboard stay true to classic silhouettes that work with your body type, you can pretty much rock in this color for quite sometime. More pics & tips on how too work with grey color..Please checkout my blog