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an envelope clutch made with endek, a traditional fabric from Bali photo credit: nuhevita
@moya23 just googling we are manikan, they sell it online and the price is affordable
OMG, how can I get this lovely clutch
@justmellys LOLLL yes taking out my 50 shades eyeshadow palette ahahhaha yer I guess i can just throw them in there but like these days are clutches the trend? I kept running into people down the street carrying clutches and even men hahaah though if i can get my hand on something this cute I wouldn't mind following with the trend :D
@ameliasantos10 look at from the pic, I think it is quite big. Well, big enough to put some make up in it, unless you carrying whole package of make up like a make up artist :p
these are so cute but I wonder if you can fit many things in there? 'cause I like carrying my makeup purse around with me :(