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Tips on Car Paint Correction

When you get a minor scratch or stone chip on your car
Find and order your Correct car Touch up paint with over 150,000 car paint colors available this is an important first step. The first thing to do is find the paint code.
All major car manufactures have a paint code sticker or plate located in one of the highlighted places on the image above.

Once you have located your car paint code then its time to order the correct color, many websites offer touch up paint, some are harder to navigate than others, for an easy way to find your car colour check out Auto Car Paint, they have taken the guess work out of finding your car colour with a clever database that narrows down your options with simple Year, Make, and Model fields.

Once you have purchased your car paint you need to prepare the damaged area for colour correction.
1. Clean the area well with a suitable pre-clean.
2. Remove any old or chiped paintwork from the area.
3. If needed apply a suitable anti rust primer.
4. Allow good drying time between each coat of primer.
5. with a fine grae sandpaper, rub down the primer to get it as flat as possible.
6. Apply the top coat new colour to the area, apply thin coats leaving 15 minutes between each coat.
7. allow 24 hours to completely dry.
8. Polish the whole area to blend in the new paintwork to the old paintwork.

All Good touch up paint bottle should come with a brush in the lid just like the one below

As with any paint job the most important point is to really take your time, Paint requires a flash off period between coats so always allow 15 minutes breathing time between each coat. Another import point to remember is preparation, everything had to be even and flat before putting the top coat of paint colour onto the car.

For deep scratches it is very important to use an Anti rust primer undercoat, the undercoat has anti rust properties that prevent and stop rust from developing.

Car body work repair is expensive if you go to your local repair shop, the DIY kits available today are very well priced and an excellent home repair job can be carried out in a few hours for under $10.

With a little care and time you can have the very annoying minor chips and scratches repaired, a quick polish up and its as good as new.
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