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That smile of his…… We’re going to end up meeting even if you don’t want to meet with me. Because I always keep my promises. I told you that I’d come back to you. See you later, Shing-Shing.
you are tempting me with these gif!!! and don't you just love Sung Jun with this hair??? I usually don't like guys with long hair but he is too cute with this hair haha
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hahahahahaha @ameliasantos10 ... really, really, really start watching this one ... :D ... guys with long hair ... very cute ... :D
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hahahahahaha @divalycious I will soon... i guess haahhaha and then will I able to appreciate all these gif properly ahahha and not be tortured by them T^T it's a sweet pain kind of thing hahah I enjoy all your gif~ but I also want to know what's going on hahaha
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