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Korean Fans Want Chen To Leave... 😠 No

I personally love this. I know there are a lot of EXO-Ls in Korea that are hating on this because of their traditional views on marriage and pre-marital sex. But it happened. Whether he proposed and got her pregnant later, or he "knocked her up" before he proposed, I'm happy for him. He obviously is looking forward to this next step in life. He's taking responsibility. Fighting Kim Jong Dae!! Don't let the hate bring you down ✌️❀️

If you support Chen, Please don't use the hashtags:
These are in support of making Chen leave the group

EXO Crew

I will literally build me a raft, float over there and fight all those people talking shit. Like I get it, pregnancy out of wedlock is still taboo, but still. He is a grown ass man.
It's pretty sad the see these same fans who talk about loyalty and being supportive, just turn on him like that. There are articles circulating that international fans are being more supportive of his decision than Korean fans.
You know what? We not gonna go through this again!!!!
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