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The hot-alien-professor-meets-top-actress drama My Love From Another Star is working magic with viewers as it folds into the second half of the tale, but what really has everyone talking is the tall, dark and seriously chilling Lee Jae Kyung (played expertly by Shin Sung Rok), who’s been making regular appearances in our nightmares. Shin, a total psychopath, gives us goosebumps and the heebie jeebies, but the actor hasn’t always been so…well, crazy. Take a look at Shin Sung Rok minus the creep: 1. Here's a totally normal photo of him. Try and forget the whole "I'm going to murder you" thing. 2. In fact, he's kind of very easy on the eyes. Six-foot-one, check. Amazing hair, check. Smolder, check. 3. And he reads books. At least in completely murder-free photo shoots, anyway. 4. He's a theatre actor. This is from last year's Closer, which he performed with actress Lee Yoon Ji. 5. He sings in musicals! From this year's musical Carmen, in which he currently plays the (super innocent and upstanding) policeman Jose. 6. He was the most adorable chef ever. In 2010's Definitely Neighbors. 7. And the most adorable maybe-dad ever. As an immature cop in the 2008 rom-com Three Dads, One Mom. 8. Attractive man, attractive man! We don't see that smile in My Love From Another Star. 9. Yep, totally not frightened anymore. 10. For goodness' sake, he looks like this famous dog! This is Frodo, a character from the Korean-favorite messenger app Kakaotalk. Dead ringer! Oh, Shin Sung Rok. Maybe we misjudged you. You're just playing a character, after all, and really, Jae Kyung's not that bad -- Oh. Right.
@christy yeah sis he really is talented .....
@MasriDaniela the talented guy sis that I like how he is perfect at reflect his feelings through his eyes
he is good in this bad ass job .....i really asked myself were i see him in witch show and wowwww ....i have seen so many ....thanks again diva always best in .....news ....