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A visit to the land of souks

Immerse yourself into a magical world of tastes, scents, and gold. Experience an integral part of the history and culture of the UAE with a trip to Dubai's souks. Walk along the stalls full of unique items, pick gifts, and make good bargain deals. The souk, similar to a bazaar or marketplace, is a shopping tradition that hasn’t faded. They were the predecessors of the opulent shopping malls in Dubai.

The rapid urbanization after the discovery of oil gave way to the construction of huge malls, which are prevalent in the city; however, the traditions of visiting the souk still lives on. Go on an exotic shopping spree at the popular souks in Dubai with DayOutDubai

Dubai Gold Souk
Dubbed as the city of gold, Dubai attracts thousands of visitors to its Gold Souk. You will be mesmerized by the amount of gold, diamonds, and precious gems on display. Here, you can get great deals on jewelry, so bargain like your life depends on it. The variety of items will make it hard to choose! Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s an interesting place to spend time. Click here to go on a city tour to visit the popular souks in Dubai.

Dubai Perfume Souk
The land of a thousand scents, the Dubai Perfume Souk located at Sikkat Al Khail Street on Deira, will invigorate your senses with dizzying scents. Oils, sprays, perfumes, or oud -- scents play an important part in the Arab culture. You may have noticed many times that there is a trail of perfume left after an Emirati passes by. So, the Perfume Souk is a place to explore the sweet, pungent, and deep Arabic scents. It is a magical world of glass bottles decorated with beautiful ornaments. Don't fret if Arabic scents aren't to your taste; you will find international perfume brands at the souk, too.

Dubai Spice Souk
The Spice Souk is one of the oldest and largest souks in the city, so it looks more traditional than others. As you walk through the narrow ways between stalls, you will see an array of exotic spices from all around the world -- a magnificent sight to perceive. The air is filled up with the pungent aroma of different spices, while the stalls attract with varied colors. Foodies and cultural explorers must definitely pay a visit to Spice Souk.

Dubai Textile Souk
Embark on a colorful journey of fabrics at the Textile Souk. Materials come in the widest varieties of colors, textures, and prints. Ready-made costumes are also available, so get your belly dancing outfit here! The options will set the heart of fashionistas racing with outfit ideas. You will find yards of fabric for any dress or piece of clothing. Shop at the souk and design your own exclusive look, because Dubai Textile Souk is simply inspirational.

If you want to have an exceptional shopping experience in Dubai, take a shopping tour. The tour will take you to both souks and malls, so you can enjoy shopping at its best in a variety of venues. 
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