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Entry Level Data Analyst in Seattle

Data Analyst - Hiring Entry Level IT Candidates

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Location - Seattle

Job Type - Full Time / Part Time

Experience Level - Entry Level

Required Qualifications:
- Communicating technical ideas to non-technical staff in an easy to understand manner.
- Writing highly optimized queries against MySQL and Postgres systems to extract data.
- Creating ad hoc and scheduled reports using JasperSoft Studio or a comparable tool.
- Strong ability to troubleshoot and resolve data issues.


- You are the first level of review of quarterly reports, ensuring accuracy to facilitate a smooth and timely payment process for our partner agencies;
- You will become an expert at our online reporting system so you can provide customer support to our partner agencies when navigating this system;
- In working with data, you will find the story it tells about the programmatic features and spending trends of our partner agencies so you can identify any issues that require escalation;
- In building positive relationships with our partner agencies, you will support their compliance with policies and grant guidelines;
- You will have the opportunity to collaborate with your team on revising procedures by meeting regularly to evaluate the impact of policy changes so you can provide consistent communication to agencies to help them understand the impact to their programs;
- You will complete other quantitative and analytical tasks as assigned.

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Looking for a entry level it job in california. Who is Hiring?
Are you looking for entry-level it jobs in California hiring now? Job Search the latest entry-level it Jobs in California hiring near you. Register at ITJobsList and start finding the latest IT Jobs, Tech and Full Stack Developer Jobs in the USA. Entry Level IT Jobs in Candidates - Hiring Full Stack Developer Candidates Full Stack Developers are computer programmers who are proficient in both front and back end coding. Full Stack Developers will be required to see out a project from conception to final product, requiring good organizational skills and attention to detail. Responsibilities: - Inspire our customers with a beautiful, intuitive customer-facing website. -Empower our team by building seamless administrator interfaces for factory management tools. - Implement features end-to-end from the database to styles (in collaboration with the rest of the Web/API team). - Interface with our CAD add-in and front end design teams to improve customer experience, as well as our core tools and machine tool path generation teams to enhance production capabilities. - Maintain best practices related to documentation, testing, deployment and other modern software development methodologies. - End-to-end testing experience with Selenium, Browserstack or other modern testing frameworks. - Build tools, task runners and automation experience with Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Jenkins. - Containerization experience with Docker, ECR, Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm, etc. - Experience with Progressive Web Apps, offline storage, client-server syncing and Websockets. - Experience with Terraform, CloudFormation, Serverless, and other infrastructure-as-code provisioning frameworks. - Legal right to work in the United States without sponsorship. Skills: - REST web services and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). - Strong database experience (prefer SQL Server). - Experience building pages. - Experience optimizing code for maximum performance. - Transactional based website experience. - Strong experience developing APIs in the Back End. Location - California Job Type - Full Time / Part Time Experience Level - Entry Level Apply Now: Entry level it jobs in California
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Entry Level Financial Analyst Jobs Chicago
Looking for entry level financial analyst jobs in chicago? Apply to Financial Analyst jobs now hiring on Stafficial, the US largest job site. Job Responsibilities: - Monitor the performance of portfolios and investments using cutting edge analytics, proprietary software and Excel-based data management software. - Manage the operations of client portfolios, maintaining accurate performance information, and collaborating with relationship management teams in preparing performance reports and special projects. - Establishes and maintains relationships with a broad base of key stakeholders (i.e. executives and staff) and serves as a key point of contact for finance issues. Acquires and maintains an understanding of the strategies, priorities and issues of the divisions supported. - Leads the coordination, organization and execution of quantitative and qualitative analyses for areas supported. Examples of activities include traditional budgeting and forecasting, month-end close, enhanced financial/business reporting, business case development, pricing analysis, P&L generation and business planning support. - Coordinate assigned projects and special project work with allocated resources. Prepare quarterly and annual reports for clients. Location: Chicago Job Type: Full Time / Part Time Experience: Entry Level / Hiring Entry Level Candidates Job Requirement: - 6 months of work experience in an accounting/financial industry setting preferred; internships may be considered. - College degree (B.A., B.S. or B.B.A.) – major in Finance, Accounting, or Economics. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications preferably Excel. - Proven expertise in modeling techniques and managing large data sets. - Be eligible to work in United States without work authorization sponsorship now or anytime in the future. - Strong curiosity to connect the dots and tell the story through the financials - Must be able to handle multiple assignments/initiatives. - Strong communication skills (written and verbal). Apply Now: entry level finincial analyst jobs in chicago
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