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I find it funny that Primadonnas didn't do this kind of behavior when Minhwan was in the same situation as Chen. Perhaps because Hongki came out very vocal about how excited they were about being uncles. idk
@JaxomB Its Hong Ki, who would go against him, he's such a cool dude
@EXOahjummafan Minhwan got another idol member pregnant though. I worried her fandom would be really nasty. There was some comments but not like Chen's. Suho is a wonderful leader but some fans are blaming him also. The memes.in response have been hilarious though.
@JaxomB I don't know what to say. I try to keep in mind that they're just kids. They had this crush on a guy and he hurt their feelings. They can't blame anyone but the guy himself. It's a personal issue that they want the world to know about. I don't think their going to hear from SM because they already made their statement on the first day this all came out. SM made it clear, his activities are going to continue.
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