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So I was chatting with a friend awhile back and I asked her what color should I paint my nails?? @nylamrehs said, I wanna see purple...(*_*)
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@ameilasantos10 just a good guess, hahhahah!!! @mrjockX got nice nails, he just sent me a pic, hhahahah!!!
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@mrjockX wow I am jealous lollll wish my nails could be considered nice too~ @cheerfulcallie I will go fix my nails and show you later lol
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aaaah! haha @cheerfulcallie noooo haha. @ameliasantos10 can't wait :p
4 years ago·Reply
ohhhhh baby .....i want your baby callie hhhhhhhh love your nails color ^_~
4 years ago·Reply
love it callie!! very pretty.. envious .. wish my nails looks like that.. ;)
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