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My huge breakfast I had over the wkend, I only managed to eat half, it was very good.
pretty lame @curtis though i agree with your point on bacon
@curtis *gasps*'ve never been to IHOP? are you not human!!!! fineeeeee, taco bell is good too, i like their soft taco supreme and beef burrito, i always add hot sauce to mines, ohhhh sooo good!!! hmm, now you make me want a taco and i haven't had lunch yet. i think i might do that....if so ill take a pic to share, hahaha!!!!
@Goyo does the spinach omelet have bacon? if not, weak--very weak
@cheerfulcallie Thanks! Honestly I've never been to iHop, I love taco bell way too much to ever make the trip (no matter the hour).
@cheerfulcallie of course I have seen it lol When my family used to go, we would joke that the staff would run at the sight of so many unruly hispanics lol INS would have had a field day lol
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