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@Goyo see @curtis is smart he's on my side....*doing Joey's impression from Friends*...."so Curtis how you doing"?....(*_^)....haha!!!
@Goyo I think it sounds like @cheerfulcallie is with me. So I'll just flip your question back to you!
@Goyo hmm....why are you gonna mess up my flow? i was doing fine running rampant abt stupid idiots?! my chi was on cloud 9 but nah, you brought it down a notch, unbelievable!!!...fine fine fineeeeee, yeah yeah yeah some girls are the same....maybe?? hahaha!!!! idk, most girls are pretty straight forward abt the kind of guys they like b/c we dont like to waste time, we dont talk to guys we arent INTERESTED in unless he's friendzoned?!....simply its the truth just like guys, am i right?
@cheerfulcallie is it just me or am i sensing some hostility here? I am bad at these things though so... lol as for the type thing, i actually have heard more girls say that than guys lol now not trying to start something (i feel outnumbered -> yo @curtis u a big guy? can u take them? lol) but i am just saying that "the type" thing goes both ways lol
@curtis well we are making fun of the quote and dating too, lolz
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