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Flashback. I'm still regret that I didn't let he knows about my feeling towards him until now. Today I need to be happy to see him happy with my best friend in their wedding.
i love so much
hahaha you should jealous wth me babe! well the baby hippo is grown now..he can play n run wth other snior baby XD
@rubapodolska HAHAHAHHAHA you and your hippo~ so how was your date with your soulmate? I am jealous you found your soulmate and I am also happy for you ^^
i'm not regret it today coz i just found my soul mate today!!!Mr Hippo!! i went to the zoo today..ekekeke
I am sure everybody has something that they regret not doing but I think we all need to live in the present and not look at the past :) I hope that you can put a smile on your face and not regret anything~ think of it as a lesson for life :D