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Such a sexy creature!! I'm speechless XD
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@ameliasantos10 hehehehe first i was like Callie hehehehe but i see baby hippo lol .....baby hippo definitely cute .....
@MasriDaniela yes u should join us too!! @ameliasantos10 @cheerfulcallie both of you really make me laugh out loud until i cry..so funny!!well you know the truth right? Hippos are sexy! ahaha
@rinapodolska I told you ahhaha you need a bit more to convince me!! lol btw I have a serious question... how did you put together hippos and sexiness? ahahhaha is it just one day you went to the zoo and you saw hippos and you just thought hey this is a sexy creature? hahah I am sincerely curious and I am sure the people here are too! ~
@ameliasantos10 have you ever fallin love? if you do will know my feeling towards hippo. n i dont fallin love wth hippo in the zoo..i fallin love wth hippos when i saw Gloria the hippo from Madagascar bear in a mall. then i was fighting wth a guy bcoz both of us wanted to buy the same thing- Gloria the hippo. n bcoz i didnt hve enough money to buy it, i just let the guy bought it T_T
It's so disgusting when they poop... 馃槰馃樀馃槺