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@annegutierrez I think KyuMin is cute but they seems a lot more like lover LOL and these two are like brothers or like a twin or something hahah donghae is adorable~ out of SJ i like heechul and donghae ahahah ><
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hahaha.. true... kyumin have mystery in there so called BROMANCE but eunhae Bromance is expose.. there something about donghae that i love but i cant figure out what is this haha
4 years ago·Reply
Donghae I think it's his childish smile? he's very childlike and at the same time he can also be so mature >_<;
4 years ago·Reply
true.. i love his childish side... hahaha so your heechul biased?
4 years ago·Reply
heyy yupp :) I think Heechul is hilarious and btw I just messaged you! I figured it is easier to talk via message :D
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