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2013 MBC Entertainment Awards 'Best Couple'
G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don won 'Best Couple Award on 12.29.13 ~ lmao
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lol @amelisantos10 I have not - in fact, never knew anything about their colab til now - send me a link?? Looks too hilarious to miss!!! :)
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I will message you @serbshavemofun in a bit haahhaha with the link of episodes and the youtube clips haha
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aaaah! thank you soo much @ameliasantos10 !! :))
4 years ago·Reply
this was so funning I watched them on infinity challenge too
4 years ago·Reply
@Tweek I've only seen the first ep so far, wen they partner up, but can't wait to see the rest!!
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