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The January 20 installment of SBS's 'Good Morning' had an awesome treat for Kim Soo Hyun fans. The show revealed pictures of the star during his school days and even got to talk with his past teachers! His middle school teacher stated, "I was really surprised when I heard Kim Soo Hyun was going to be an actor. This is because Kim Soo Hyun was such a quiet student in middle school." His high school teacher said, "He had a lot of talents. He sings so well that he sang a song once on the bus and his friends applauded him to sing more songs." This comes as no surprise as it was revealed his father is the lead vocalist for a group called Seven Dolphins! The disclosed middle school and graduation photos showed off Kim Soo Hyun's unchanging good looks that were bound to attract attention while people flipped through the yearbook.
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Wow, I didn't know that his father was a singer! That's why!!