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Howl's Moving Castle Papercraft Book

I've been wanting to get my hand on this Howl's Moving Castle Papercraft Book for a long time >__<. One more wonderful collectible added to my lovely Howl's Moving Caslte Collection. After all, I'm only a fan of some of the latest works of Studio Ghibli. It is a wonder if I ever have time to start on this Howl's castle. Even if I do, I dont have any place to display it nor I can bear seeing it covers with dust. The completed version of the castle on the cover looks so incredible. It would be nice Kodansha also published the papercraft book of the final version of Howl's caslte in the movie. The back cover features the castle of a higher view. Some of the pieces are recognizable like the rooftop pieces, some arent. The engine pieces of the castle look very detailed and real. If anyone is interested in getting this papercraft book, email me hi_rubychan at . I have 2 copies of this and I want to sell one. This is an ultra rare collectible and out of stock everywhere else.
I'm looking for this book as well. If willing to sell, please email me at Thanks.
REALLY NICE! If you are still selling it, email me at Thank you!
@LivLifeNoRegret I can sell my brand new copy to you, please send me your email via message and I'll send you an email with the price. Thanks
Is the book still for sale? And if so how much are you asking for it?
@JustineErnst in Japan, it's no longer for sale anywhere tho
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