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I must admit that is the best place to get your favorite brand new US official release manga releated stuff with cheap prices. I bought these two at an unbelievable cheap price and they're brand new, too. Both of the books have many of Clamp's artwork but they have almost no pictures of Card Captor Sakura which is my only favorite Clamp's series. The North Side Artbook starts off with Clover. Most of the pictures are not very new to Clover's fans. The next is Magic Knight Rayearth; there's one shot story of the chibi MKR characters. One gorgeous picture of The Legend of Chun Hyang. I really liked this one shot when I first read it. I was a little disappointed when I found out it was a one shot and not a series. 1/4 of the book features the Clamp World pictures which combine other characters of different series in one picture. Clamp gals in bikini suits and guys tuxedo suits. At the end of the book, there are some random pictures. One of them is a picture of feudal period princess. It's my first time seeing Clamp's drawing of a female high class costume of the feudal time. The South Side Artbook has Man of Many Faces, CLAMP School Detectives, and Suki. I'm not very fond of these series so I dont know what to talk about them. The art in Suki seems to be very different from others. It's Clamp's 3rd style that I know of. It looks somewhat familiar to some mangaka's whose manga I've read before.
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